The HP LaserJet 1200 Printer And Its Capabilities

by erin on February 10, 2010

The HP LaserJet 1200 printer and its capabilities seem to point to the fact that Hewlett-Packard has intended this monochrome laser printer using HP LaserJet 1200 toner to be ready for relatively high-speed printing jobs in a small office or home office environment. It provides good print speed, is compatible with Mac computers (which many HP printers aren’t) and even has a scanner attachment as optional equipment.

For what is really a personal laser printer that comes to it’s owner at a very nice price, the 1200’s print speed is more than acceptable at about 15 pages per minute. This isn’t the fastest print speed for laser printers in this price point, but neither is it the slowest. For someone with a limited budget, who is also concerned with good print quality as well as speed, this HP model may be the ideal candidate.

As far as print quality, Hewlett-Packard seems to be one of the best printer manufacturers at coming up with a good balance between print resolution and low cost. This particular model features 1,200 dots per inch of resolution, which isn’t normally seen in this price range, which is populated more by printers featuring 600 dots per inch rather than the higher-quality 1,200 standard.

When it comes to memory, or RAM, this HP printer features a standard 8 MB that can be upgraded to 64 MB with little trouble. For a small office or home office, this should be more than enough to meet most any need. Start with 8 MB and assess whether or not the need to upgrade further will be needed, either now or in the future. It will all be controlled by a 90 MHz microprocessor, which is also okay.

This particular Hewlett-Packard printer is slightly more versatile in terms of connectivity, then many of its peers in this market segment, featuring as it does both USB and parallel port connection capabilities. Most printers at this price point feature either one or the other but not both, and it’s usually the case that it wouldn’t feature parallel port functionality as a matter of course.

The printer is also fairly durable, with a solid 10,000 pages per month of maximum duty cycle on hand. This means the printer is rated to be able to image up to 10,000 sheets per month before requiring regular maintenance. Hewlett-Packard says it recommends between 3,000 and 5,000 pages as standard when it comes to operations capabilities, although it doesn’t say that one can’t go with the higher number.

This HP model can also handle a variety of different media stock, including transparencies, cards, labels and plain paper of many different sizes. It has an auto load paper tray capable of holding up to 250 sheets of paper and a custom manual load slot that can take up to 10 sheets of paper, if needed. This is a desktop model, so 250 sheets is excellent, quite frankly.

Prices for the HP LaserJet 1200 printer have been running between $95 and $120 at several well-known online printer discount websites. Hewlett-Packard also maintains a website where a variety of handy printer drivers can be downloaded and also where the full customer manual is available as well. The printer provides good print speed and excellent durability. In short, there’s not much to dislike about it.

Dislike is never a word associated with HP LaserJet 1200 toner.  Quality – yes, and reliability for sure, as any HP toner offers that consistently.  Make sure you have an adequate supply for this terrific printer when you order replacement toner online with a reputable vendor.

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