The HP LaserJet 2015 Printer and Its Functions

by erin on February 10, 2010

The HP LaserJet 2015 printer using HP 2015 toner and its functions come wrapped up in a nice, square or boxy-looking shape that belies its serious performance potential. This monochrome laser printer is compact, prints out at very nice rates of speed and has good overall quality of text. It comes with Hewlett-Packard’s 24/7 tech support and also delivers low cost-per-page at a nice retail price.

It seems clear that Hewlett-Packard has intended for this laser printer to be the ideal candidate for the small office or home office environment. It is compact enough to fit on a desktop or adjacent to the computer to which it will be hooked up and it doesn’t weigh very much, either, coming in at a relatively-svelte 24.3 pounds total. It’ll be easy to pick up and move around, in other words.

For a printer in this price range, print speed is outstanding across-the-board. The 2015 is rated at 26 pages per minute of print output in standard size paper. This is in what Hewlett-Packard refers to as “workgroup mode, ” meaning that the printer will do this kind of printing even when it’s used as a small network workgroup unit, which also means the printer is even more versatile than intended.

The 2015 is connected to a computer or a workgroup by means of traditional wired technologies. This means that it makes use of a couple of different input/output ports, including USB and Ethernet 10/100 porting capabilities. The user or an IT specialist task with joining it to a workgroup will therefore have little difficulty quickly mating it to a computer or workgroup router/server setup.

Print resolution is excellent across-the-board, and the 2015 delivers 1200 dots per inch of it upon command. Print output will emerge from the printer looking very sharp, crisp and clear under almost all standard print conditions. This also helps it to deliver quality to even a graphics-rich print job. Pictures will also look decent enough for most any application.

It’ll only take 8.5 seconds from the time the print job is sent to the printer for the first page to emerge, which is several seconds quicker than most other printers in this particular peer group, where 11 to 12 seconds is usually the norm. A 400 MHz processor handles all operations, which is about 150 MHz more than most other printers among the 2015’s competition.

Installed memory will come in at 32 MB, though the printer can be upgraded to 288 MB of RAM with relatively little trouble. Combined with that 400 MHz processor, the printer should be able to handle most tasks within a workgroup with little trouble and certainly will not even breathe hard when it’s put through its paces by a single user sending it jobs from a single computer.

In total, the HP LaserJet 2015 printer can hold up to 300 sheets of various media types, with an auto load trade capable of holding 250 sheets on its own. Altogether, this printer features a nice price (about $350 retail, though it’s being sold for up to twice that at some outlets), outstanding print speed and excellent print quality. It’s also durable and reliable, meaning it has great value for most any user. When purchasing toner for this printer, make sure to get HP LaserJet 2015 toner so it works for your printer.  HP toner is cheap online so start there!

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