The IBM InfoPrint 1372 Printer Is A High Tech Marvel

by erin on March 18, 2010

The IBM InfoPrint 1372 printer using IBM InfoPrint 1372 toner is an auto duplex unit designed to accommodate all sizes of workgroups. The printer is multi-functional, offering the added options of using the unit as both a copier and a fax machine. Consolidating IT hardware and several added functions to the unit are available to make upgrading both time and cost effective for larger workgroups. As an added convenience, this model is compatible with both PCs and Macs and connectivity can be acquired using either a parallel port or USB cord.

In order for users of this unit to obtain maximum operating capacity, increasing the total RAM is recommended. This InfoPrint model uses PC-100 memory. The fixed memory capacity is 64 MB, but can be increased to a maximum of 320 MB. Maintaining memory modules of the highest capacity in both memory sockets is the most expedient method for optimizing unit performance. Sometimes the removal and replacement of both pre-existing memory modules is necessary in order to increase the RAM to capacity.

It is recommended that only the official utilities and driver program be used with this product. There are several upgrade possibilities including IBM M22, M26 or M30 MFP options. The IBM M22 and M26 consolidation option add scanning, copying, faxing, and e-routing. The M22 includes an AIMPLEX scanner that can function at 15 impressions per minute. The M30 MFP option adds scanning capabilities of up to 23 pages per minute in monochrome. With the M26 packages there is the availability of the color option as well.

In addition to the memory increase, designating the printer for specific functions can allow larger workgroups to delegate hardware most effectively. This printer has a high duty cycle. There is a monthly usage of 225,000 sheets. Operating on a 500 MHz processor this model is able to print 45 pages per minute. It has a total media capacity of 600 sheets and a depth of 20.21 inches. The paper loading tray can hold up to 250 sheets and the manual feed tray can hold up to 100. Additional features of the InfoPrint 1372 include legal-sized paper support, a 5 bin mailbox, advanced finishing options, and a smart stapler.

While boasting a resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi and the ability to print web images, the InfoPrint 1372 laser printer prints only in monochrome. These aspects of the printer’s capabilities often make the unit best suited for printing larger manuscripts, proving most cost effective in this area and allowing for a clean, crisp clarity of the finished product and reducing employee wait time. In workgroups with multiple printing options, this unit allows for the swift completion of high volume jobs, while smaller, less efficient machines can be relegated to less demanding duties.

With the ability to increase RAM, photocopy and fax, the IBM InfoPrint 1372 is also an optimum space saver within the office and can eliminate the need to lease or service additional machines in order to fulfill office needs. This product also offers network scanning, allowing users to access documents through the print, fax and photocopy features of the machine. By consolidating all of these features, users are able to combine FTP and e-mail scanning on the one unit. When one function is in need of repair, the remaining functions can continue to be used. Each module can be replaced or repaired independent of the others.

Adherence to maximization techniques through hardware consolidation enables the workplace to increase overall economic efficiency. Wait time for finished jobs, even larger jobs, is decreased by the high amount of completed pages per minute. IT expenditures on device maintenance and repair become concentrated on the one device rather than several. This has been a documented trend within the workforce over the past several years. Minimizing hardware translates as the minimization of supply companies, and ultimately hardware supplies.

The InfoPrint series was born of a desire to remain competitive within a competitive market that had been leaning towards hardware consolidation for several years. The InfoPrint 1372 is time effective in its ability to perform multiple tasks and produce high quality prints rapidly. Making memory upgrades and taking advantage of consolidation options only further increase the level of efficiency and productivity. As the workhorse of the InfoPrint series, the 1372 maintains its cost effectiveness even without upgrades, outshining the competitors with its rapid 45 page per minute production.

Each one of these pages is produced with just the quality one would expect with IBM InfoPrint 1372 toner.  From the most intricate to the most basic, quality extends through to the IBM toner.  It’s well known that exceptional toner provides for the sharpest prints.

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