The Incredible Features Of The HP LaserJet 4050t Printer

by erin on April 16, 2010

Both small and large businesses could benefit from the use of a product such as the HP LaserJet 4050t printer with the HP 27A toner cartridge. It does print jobs at a very steady and acceptable speed. It can be fed a wide variety of paper sizes. It has highly upgradeable memory and features the inclusion of many popular windows fonts. Probably the handiest feature of this machine is the very low system requirements it has.

This machine is capable of producing a steady seventeen pages each minute. There are newer machines that exist that are capable of higher speeds than this, but for a machine that can be found very cheap in its used form this is a very nice speed. The ultimate job cycle of the machine maxes out at sixty five thousand jobs each month. This is a lot to accomplish for such a very light printer.

Many different types of jobs can be printed on this unit. It has a very adjustable paper feeding mechanism. It can be fed anything from legal size sheets of traditional paper to envelops, both large and small. This is a nice feature to have when using such a machine to pre-print your envelopes with return addresses. It is also very handing for printing various greeting card creations.

This unit is familiar with most popular fonts known to the windows operating system. The number reaches over one hundred and ten different type of fonts. This is a very expandable machine so additional fonts can easily be added to its memory. A larger variety of fonts is a great thing to look for in a discontinued machine. Some of these units lack in this area, where this one does not.

Since this machine was part of the past generation of quality printers, the system requirements to run it are very low. This will allow people around the office to create useful and productive networks from older equipment they might have. Such a thing will eliminate the need to throw away machines that have been replaced. Instead they can be recycled in a cost effective way that might increase the earning power of the organization.

This unit is part of a series that utilizes something called flash memory. This is memory that is built directly into the machine and allows the storage of various necessities. Things such as fonts, important forms and special signatures are conveniently stored directly onto flash memory. This allows such things to be brought forth and utilized in a very quick and easy way.

The flash based memory on this machine is highly upgradeable. The machine comes equipped with eight megabytes of SDRAM built into it. The total number of SDRAM can be effectively upgraded to as high as one hundred and ninety two megabytes. This will allow incredibly large amounts of storage for important things. When the memory is increased to a much higher level this machine becomes an even more effective office tool.

There are many incredible features on the 4050t printer, including HP LaserJet 4050t toner cartridges. While a new generation of printing machines exists with more streamlined features, a unit like this using superior HP 27A toner should not be ignored. As previously mentioned, this type of machine can be utilized to get a lot of handy use from personal computers that might be considered outdated, with the cartridges producing the sharp prints you need. Purchasing quality used print devices has many great benefits.

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