The Low-Priced HP LaserJet 6L Printer

by erin on February 10, 2010

The low-priced HP LaserJet 6L printer is sure to please those looking for a personal laser printer from Hewlett-Packard.  It’s nicely priced and full of features that help it to deliver a decent rate of print speed and a healthy dollop of reliability and durability. This this is not to mention that the quality of its printed product with HP LaserJet 6L toner will generally be very good across the board.

Hewlett-Packard — which has lately discontinued this model — included certain capabilities in the 6-series to which this particular laser printer belongs. It is truly a personal printer and not intended for use within a network workgroup, but that’s only because it probably can’t keep up with the page-per-minute requirements of most such workgroups.

This particular laser printer can kick out six pages per minute, which still exceeds the capability of almost any inkjet or other type of printer out there. The six black-and-white pages per minute that can be produced by the 6L will also come out looking more than acceptable at 600 dots per inch, which means there will be little to complain about when it comes to the quality of the print job.

As far as connectivity goes, it’s purely standard Hewlett-Packard in that it’s connected via hard-wire and by use of a traditional (and older) parallel port. There is no USB capability with this particular printer, but at about $70 for a new one — if it can be found — that hardly seems to be something that would concern most people looking for a bargain laser jet printer.

Installed memory is only one megabyte, which can be upgraded to only 9 MB, but the printer will be making use of the computer processing power available from the computer to which it’s been connected, so that’s no big issue either. All of its activities will be controlled by a 24 MHz microprocessor, which is another reason why it produces about six pages per minute.

Total onboard storage capacity as far as paper goes is about 100 sheets. This is held in a single auto load tray/slot area. As far as all of the different kinds of paper or other media stock it can print out on, the list is large and includes plain paper, envelopes, labels and transparencies. Additionally, the different sizes of paper it can accommodate is impressive.

The printer has a maximum monthly duty cycle of 6,000 pages, which is — for a printer that costs as little as this one does — quite notable. It will come with a printer cartridge good for 2,500 impressions or sheets of paper. For someone using the HP 6L as a personal printer, that’s quite a lot of volume which also means that the cost per printed page will be commensurately low as well.

The HP LaserJet 6L printer can also make use of a few different operating system platforms, including Windows NT 4.0, IBM OS/2 and Microsoft DOS. Given that it has a nice level of durability, and a cartridge that can print out quite a few sheets, it’s hard to find much to dislike about this particular HP printer. This is especially so when one looks at the $70 average price for a new unit.

Online retailers have a capability that many local sellers lack, that of unlimited space and this means finding HP LaserJet 6L toner won’t be a problem.  Since Hewlett-Packard has the reputation for lasting a long time, HP toner is something that continues to be needed.  Know that locating toner for your HP printer won’t ever be a problem.

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