The Okidata B6500dtn Printer Toner Creates Beautiful Finishes In Moments

by erin on December 24, 2009

52116001The Okidata B6500dtn printer is a strong contender for the workhorse title when it comes to high workload organizations. It is a plain paper printer and copier with a 533 MHz processor clock speed. It has an out-of-the box features memory of 128 MB. The printer can operate on battery or AC 120 volt. The printer features a liquid crystal display. It uses Okidata B6500dtn toner.

Appearance of the Okidata

The B6500dtn printer is compact in size, with an outside dimension of 16.6″ wide x 18.3″ deep x 15.9″ high. The unit will fit easily on a desk, counter or stand, and still leave plenty of working space near the printer. Placed on a table or desk, the printer is at a good working height so preparing copies does not require stooping or stretching to reach the controls comfortably.

Networking and Connections

This Okidata printer is suitable for high-volume networking applications. The network connections can be Ethernet or Fast Ethernet. Wired network setups are also possible. The operating system for the network applications can be Windows 98 and higher, Mac 9.1 and higher, Unix or Linux.

Operational Limits

A monthly usage cycle of 200,000 copies or 10,000 pages every work day. The media output types can include most types of business or organizational documents, such as letters, worksheets, schedules, charts and graphs.

Speed of Operations

At top speeds, the printer can spew out up to forty-five pages per minute. The first page arrives in less than eight seconds. Lower printing time means workers will spend less time doing nothing because the copy has not yet come from the printer. Additional time savings result from few user interfaces.


Even though the printer made by Okidata is fast, it provides copies that are clear and sharp with the aid of Okidata B6500dtn toner. The resolution rate is a striking 1,200 by 1,200 dots per inch. Numerous printer fonts are available, including scalable fonts, bitmap fonts, OCR A, OCR B, 5 bar codes, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 3 of 9, Code 128, and USPSZIP.

Paper Handling

Standard paper capacity upon arrival is seven hundred sheets. Two additional five hundred-fifty sheet trays increase the total capacity to eighteen hundred sheets. These may be different media types. Using an optional catch tray allows for sorting of the output. Output capacity is seven hundred sheets face up or five hundred sheets face down.

Media Size

The standard media sizes for the Okidata printer include thirteen different configurations. Custom media size configurations are as small as a three by five inch index card. The upper end of the size range is 8.5 inches by 35.4 inches.


Duplex or two-sided printing doubles the efficiency, because both sides of the paper are used. This saves both time and supply resources. The cost of ownership is further managed due to the reliability of the equipment.

Although the standard Okidata B6500dtn Printer is a high output unit, if printing needs change, there are performance-boosting choices available. RAM memory can be increased to a maximum of 640 megabytes. A hard drive or compact flash drive up to sixty gigabytes expands productivity even further, supporting Delayed Print, Proof & Print and Secure Print features.

New Okidata B6500dtn toner is easily obtained as the Okidata brand is in high demand due to their reputation.  Finding Okidata printer toner online is a simple matter of using a search engine and choosing where you want your replacement toner shipped.

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