The Okidata C3200n Printer – Always A Great Choice

by CaroleM on August 13, 2009

okidatac3200You’ve got to love the C series line of printers from Okidata.  That is, if you like a reliable printer shooting out crisp text and sharp, clear graphics like those produced by the Okidata C3200n.  This small business and home office expert meets the demands of its user with quality that only Okidata and Okidata C3200n Toner can produce.

The Okidata C3200n printer is a fast, single pass, laser color printer that produces professional, high quality color and black and white print outs. It is possible to connect this printer to a network and that is one reason it is an excellent printer for small businesses and workgroups. This high-speed printer prints much faster than most of the multi-pass printers and consistently delivers excellent printing.

The C3200n uses straight path technology to decrease the chances of paper jams or crooked printing. You can be assured that your print outs will be correct every time they come from the printer.

The photo printing uses new photo enhancing technology to ensure that your printed photos are of the highest quality. The auto color balance guarantees that the color is consistent throughout the entire photo. Your photos will instantly be ready for use in presentations, projects, and any other use you might have.

You also have the option of using the template manager software that allows you to easily produce banners, business cards, labels and much more. You can print on more then just the standard paper sheets.

It is possible to print on a variety of media including transparencies, envelopes, card stock and even labels. To decrease the cost of printing you can use double-sided printing to save on paper. It is also possible to upgrade your printer to a network connection so everyone in your business or workgroup can use the printer.

The resolution is very high for printing at 1200 x 1600 dpi. Printing is high speed with color printouts taking 14 seconds and black and white print outs coming in at 9 seconds. Additionally, there is a multipurpose tray as well as a standard input paper tray.

All Okidata machines, including the C3200n, come with a one year warranty. The C3200n also comes with a five year warranty on the print heads. They have a convenient 1-800 number that can get you technical support at any time.

Combined with Okidata C3200n toner, the printer demonstrates a phenomenal ability to create some of the most stylized and precise looking prints on the market. A superior choice for any office, the C3200n provides stunning details and print speeds that are top notch and will inspire employees and owners alike.

Printing like a pro is fast and casual with the easy to control and concise Okidata C3200n giving its user-friendly interface. Suiting the demands of any user, Okidata printers have a very tiny learning curve and are simple to use regardless of computing education. Just as simple and effortless as the machine’s utilization is the application and removal of the Okidata C3200n toner.

Overwhelming your every assumed notion, the C3200n is more than capable of handling the demands of any size project with the utmost efficiency. Incorporating quality replacement Okidata toner will create detailed and crisp looking prints that will ensure quality and professionalism in your presentations.  When you need new toner, simply choose a quality source, such as Qtoner, for low cost replacement and fast shipping.  No need to ever stop production by waiting for supplies!

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