The Process Of Completing A Passport Form

by garrett on August 10, 2011

In order for a person to travel abroad, they need to have travel documents. There are people who do not apply for these services because they assume it is a complicated process. Nobody has ever informed them that they just need to fill out a passport form. The application can be processed even if the applicant does not plan to travel.

Application Papers

A person can go to the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs website for assistance. This is where people download applications forms as get other information on how the process works. The applications can be printed out or someone can request the office to post the documents to them. You should also look into adding pages to your passport for future reference.

You May Have To Be In Persons

The mailing option is restricted to a few applicants. All the other applicants are required to avail themselves to the offices together with their filled out application. Those applicants who fall under this category are the first time applicants, minors, people who have misplaced their travel documents and the ones with passports that are over fifteen years old.

It Takes Time

All the applications sent out to the relevant offices take up to six weeks to be processed. This means that a person needs to submit their application in good time if they want to use the documents. There are people who have miscalculated the time needed to get their travel documents and ended up cancelling their plans.

Expedited Is Available

If a person cannot wait for that long in order to get the documents, they can opt for expedite services. These services processe the application in half the time taken by their counterparts. A person using this option has to realize that there are additional expenses involved including an extra charge of sixty dollars.

Photos Required

The application is not complete if a person does not include their photos in it. The photos used for this process have to meet various requirements stated by the relevant authorities. It is safer for someone to use the services of a professional photographer so that their photos are not rejected. The offices also offer this service to interested applicants.

Form DS-82

There are different applications for different applicants. Form DS-82 is used by the people who are renewing their documents or changing the name used. The instructions in the documents need to be followed to the tee. All the entries made have to be clear. If a person is renewing their document, they have to include the expired on in the application. Those changing their names need to produce proof of the same.

Form DS-11

All the other applicants should use the Form DS-11 for their applications. The applicants who are still minors need to be taken to the offices by their parents. Such an applicant should never make the mistake of sending their application by mail. They need to have documents that act as proof of their identification and citizenship

People should therefore stop postponing their application for travel documents. Since all they need to do is to fill out the passport form, they can do so at their own convenience. It is easier for someone to travel to other countries when they are already in possession of the documents. You should also look into adding pages to your passport for future reference.

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