The Pros and Cons of At Home Heroin Detox

by AdamS on July 18, 2012

Heroin is an incredibly addictive drug that can ruin the lives of the people who use it.  For many, the thought of quitting is too much to handle and they will never be able to get clean.  Others however are desperate to get off of heroin, but simply don’t know what the best method for doing so is.   Getting professional care from a heroin treatment clinic or rehab facility is definitely the safest and most effective way.  However, it is very possible to do an at home heroin detox if the addict is mentally prepared to face the physical agony of the withdrawal symptoms.  Take a look at for more information on heroin treatment.

At Home Detox

An at home detox may be a good option for someone who is trying to keep their addiction a secret because rehab and treatment centers require their patients to bring their medical records.  Quitting at home can be really tough, especially if the addict tries to quit cold turkey.  Quitting cold turkey means that the heroin user just completely stops taking the drug without weaning themselves off it slowly.

Withdrawal Symptoms

The side effects associated with heroin withdrawal are numerous and painful.  Some of the withdrawal symptoms include frequent vomiting, insomnia, diarrhea, headaches, body aches, and anxiety.  When planning to go through this at home, the individual should be as prepared as possible.   A really good idea is to stay awake for as long as possible before starting the detox.  That way with a little bit of luck, the addict can sleep through some of the early painful stages of the withdrawal process.  Another good idea is to keep a lot of fluids around, because all of the vomiting and diarrhea will cause the body to become dehydrated.

Facing the Pain

The withdrawals will become very painful to the point where it may seem unbearable and this is usually the point where people trying to quit, fail.  It is really important to have someone to guide you through the detox, and encourage the process.  Facing the pain alone can make an addict desperate to use again.

Alternative Options

At home detox is one of the least successful methods of getting sober, and it takes people with very strong wills to get through it.  There are better ways to get clean.  Checking into a heroin treatment center will allow the addict to get professional care from physicians, nurses and psychologists as they go through the painful process.

Heroin detox is a really grueling process, but it can be accomplished through perseverance.  Even though it can be accomplished at home, the odds are much better if an addict gets help at a heroin treatment and rehab facility.  These facilities are located all over the country and will help anyone who needs to get over a drug addiction. Whichever way they go about it, it is important to have family members or friends close by to support them through the difficult process.  If you or anyone you know has a problem with heroin, please get help immediately. Check out for more info on heroin detox.

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