The Reality Of Alcohol Detox

by AdamS on June 12, 2012

There are a plethora of articles and blogs that are available for people to investigate and try to find the easiest way to detox without having to enroll in an alcohol detox program. Some claim to have the homemade cure to alcoholism, and others offer insights into how you can taper off alcoholism on your own terms. People that want to use power of will rather than spend their hard earned dollars on a program that they feel they may not need, could lead to experimentation with these quick fix philosophies. Alcoholism is not always viewed as a disease that requires detox under professional care in order to achieve long-term sobriety.

D.I.Y Can Be Fatal

An alcoholic’s body compensates for the effect that alcohol has through increasing the construction of hormones and brain chemicals. When someone discontinues the use of alcohol, the body gets bombarded with dangerously high levels of these chemicals. This reaction can be illustrated by the coiled spring effect: when alcohol is continuously consumed in high amounts, it is like holding down a coiled spring, when you suddenly quit drinking, you release that force and the spring launches out of control. This reckless release of energy can be equated to the hyper-active chemicals that affect the entire body. Withdrawal symptoms that are a result of this chemical reaction can vary from mild and uncomfortable, to dangerous and potentially deadly. The most severe symptoms that should be taken into account are heart attacks, delirium tremens, seizures and strokes.

Importance Of Medically Monitored Detox

The potentially fatal characteristics of withdrawal should be reason enough to convince individuals of the importance of enrolling in a detox program with medically monitored care. With 24-hour medical supervision, those seeking sobriety can be properly equipped with a physical assessment, an accurate analysis of their addiction, and an effective detox rehabilitation plan. The patient will also be able to receive non-addictive medications to help them deal with the uncomfortable side effects of alcohol withdrawal.

Exploring The Options

Sadly, even in a situation as serious as the need for alcohol detox, financial burden can be an issue that deters a person from seeking help from a professional treatment center. The average cost is hard to approximate because there are various programs that offer different services. Some can be entirely donation run and some can cost several thousand dollars. That is why it is so important to explore all of your options thoroughly. You may have health insurance that offers partial coverage, or you may be employed by a company that will fully support your alcohol detox.

High Price Of Low Living

It is important to realize that no matter what the cost of alcohol detox, alcoholism is costing you much more that you want to pay. Alcoholism is a disease that ruins many aspects of life. It can cost family relationships, careers, finances and your health. A study done by the American Medical Association found that alcoholics are to blame for about 50 percent of alcohol purchases, and spend a staggering $8,000 per year individually. That, along with the other inevitable costs of alcoholism makes detox treatment a much more feasible.

If you are considering one of the D.I.Y. options for alcohol detox, take into consideration the danger that you are putting yourself in. Take time to examine the safe and effective options that you have. Detox is one of the most crucial decisions that an alcoholic make in their life. It should not be wasted on feeble attempts made out of pride and uninformed action.

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