The Sharp AL 1020 Printer Toner — Effective For Any Document Or Photograph You’re Printing

by erin on November 18, 2009

10124863The Sharp AL 1020 printer is a fine unit in the Sharp 1000 to 1200 lineup of laser printers. It combines a nice quality flatbed scanner to enable the home office or small office entrepreneur to keep his or her business machine budget down to manageable levels. Known as a “multifunction printer, ” this printer using Sharp AL 1020 toner does a lot of things well and nothing poorly, making it a good investment for most offices.

For those users looking to enhance the quality of their printed documents, this machine may make the most sense. Its digital reproduction capabilities have been proven over time to be far better than the product that’s put out by older-style analog-based copiers. Add in the fact that they’re more compact and can contribute to the space savings in a small office and it’s hard to go wrong.

Printed output emerges in crisp and clear monochrome that stands out on the page, something which is appreciated by those businesses that depend on good-looking documents for their clients or for presentations to prospective clients and the like. Moreover, the printer can handle copying to transparencies and envelopes in addition to its standard plain paper duties.

The Sharp AL 1020 printer comes in at a relatively svelte 40 pounds and it’s all packed into a 20.5 inch by 17.5 inch by 11.5 inch housing that presents its looks in a standard corporate white outfit. As far as print speed, the unit delivers copies at a rate of up to 10 pages per minute in black-and-white, which is acceptable for a multifunction printer in this price range.

Interface between this printer and a PC or laptop is via parallel ports and it connects to such a computer by means of wired technology. There are two such parallel ports, with both being standard IEEE 1284 types that feature 36 pin Centronics hardware. There are no expansion bays or expansion slots, so what you see is what you get, but it’s quite good enough for what it has to do.

The AL 1020 printer holds 250 sheets of media paper in a single tray, with it being able to make use of standard legal size and three different standard letter size paper, including A, A4 and A5. This is pretty much ordinary fare, which isn’t a bad thing as the machine itself is ready to go to work without need of adjusting its range of industry-standard media capabilities.

From print task to first page output, it normally takes about 9. 6 seconds to do the job. This is fine, especially considering that the machine is multifunction and aimed more for the home office or small business office than for large networks, although it can be integrated into such a network. This is because it can work with most Windows and Mac operating systems up through 98 and NT (Windows).

Maximum resolution as far as printed product goes is 600 dpi by 600 dpi. Again, this is quite acceptable and will deliver pages that are easily read and look clean and clear on the printed page. Additionally, the unit can shrink down to 50% or enlarge up to 200%, which is a good range for a unit of this type. The flatbed scanner is standard for the industry and works quite well.

All in all, this printer using Sharp AL 1020 toner is a fine machine for a home office or small business use.  Replacement of the quality Sharp toner is exceptionally easy when online companies such as Qtoner are used.  Great prices and fast shipping continue the savings started by purchasing this printer.

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