The Wonderful World Of The HP LaserJet 4v Printer

by erin on February 12, 2010

The business world has become accustomed to machinery. Every day office employees use different tools that make their lives in the office easier. One of these tools is the printer. This machine has served to make the office lives of many people a whole lot easier. Can you imagine how it would be not to be able to make those much needed copies of important documents? It’s a wonder how the business world survived before the creation of printers on a whole. Among the many makes of printers the HP LaserJet 4v printer using HP LaserJet 4v toner is one of the better ones.

This printer is really one in a series of four. They are monochrome printers, which means all printing is done in black. They are laser printers that HP grouped together in a series. The laser means that printing is done through the use of a laser beam. These unique printers were in a collection of four series, but in these series there were several different models.

Among some of the models was the business model. This model was called the standard LaserJet 4. The machines were able to handle a high demand and capacity. There was a lot to say about the durability of the machine. It was put together well and it had a high life expectancy.

Another make was the 4L. This model is able to do the same as the Jet 4. The only differences were the size and the fact that it was used for personal activity. It was small enough to fit in a minor space in your home office. Yet, on the same token it retained the efficiency. It also held a reasonable life expectancy.

Then there was the 4P. It was used more often in small businesses. It wasn’t as small as the personal HP, nor was it as large as the more commercial HPs. This one was also known for reliability. It was durable and produced prints that were of high quality.

Now HP has a very heavy duty printer. It was also for businesses as well. It is referred to as the Si. Again, these massive machines were known only for good as well. HP is a brand name and it maintained its’ signature and did it well. All of these products met a level of excellence.

Another make in the series is the 4v. This is perhaps the most popular one. It included what was necessary for a printer for desktop publishing and graphic art. There was also the M, which was a make especially for Apple Macintosh.

Unfortunately, this series was discontinued in the 1990s. HP did supply a replacement for the HP LaserJet 4v printer. The next make was the HP LaserJet 4250. However, in some cases it is more convenient to just use a driver. The driver works on all the models. It does not matter if it is a recent one or like this series, a discontinued model.

One worry you won’t have is obtaining HP LaserJet 4v toner.  While neighborhood retailers often can’t stock every type of HP toner, online retailers offer all replacement toner and at great prices.

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