The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 Toner Becomes The Leader Among Printer Cartridges

by erin on October 15, 2009

106R402Every organization today seems to have a lot of paperwork involved in its day-to-day operation, particularly printing out a lot of files and other data.  Therefore it is essential that a company has a superior printer and one such printer is the Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575.  This multi-function machine performs at a peak level no matter the media or the density of the task, with each page crisp and clear with the use of Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 toner.

Most offices want a printer that meets their needs.  The printer should be quick and reliable.  It should be capable of printing on different types of papers and different sizes of paper.  Another key element is the brand name.  If the printer is a brand name one, refill toner cartridges should be easy to obtain.  One such company that has been around for many years and meets these qualifications is Xerox.  This name stands for reliability.

Xerox has been producing a lot of printers over the years and doing well in the industry because they produce products that satisfy the needs of different people.  They have printers for office and home use, with different features that cater to different demands.  While some users may just require printing, others truly need the functionality of a printer that can perform several different tasks.

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 is an exceptional machine that acts as a fax, copier, printer, and scanner.  It is truly a multifunction machine that will quickly become essential to an office that wants to speed up its daily work.

The key features of Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 printer are that it can print up to a speed of 8 ppm at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi. It can scan at the rate of three papers per second and can scan a 400 x 400 page at that speed.

It has about 38 functions that can be started using a single touch. It has approximately 188 speed and 50 group dials for faster faxing purposes. It has a built in high-speed modem with a speed 33.6 kbps.

The benefits of this machine are that it combines the various functionalities at a very high quality. Each and every process is done with very high quality and reliability. The other great advantage of this machine is that even though it has a lot of functions and options, it is simple and easy to use.

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 printer has software that helps to transfer the contacts directly from your PC to the machine’s memory. This reduces the work of copying the contacts from the PC to the device. The other feature of this machine is that one can fax directly using a PC if the WorkCentre Pro 575 is connected to the machine.

The Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 printer can be used for many purposes.  Many businesses will find that the combination of operations that are included in this printer will mean that just one machine can take the place of several others.  This, of course, will save money on key purchases, with this Xerox printer proving it’s value every single day.

The amazing print quality from the Xerox WorkCentre Pro 575 Toner just can’t be denied.  Keeping the printer loaded with quality Xerox Toner is continuing to make a smart business decision.  Make another one when you replace your toner through Qtoner!

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