The Xerox WorkCentre XE60 Is A Fantastic, Affordable Addition To Your Office

by erin on October 22, 2009

If you are a small business owner or perhaps a sole worker with your office based at home, it can be difficult to choose a high performing and affordable printer. However, selecting a refurbished model (that is perhaps a few years old) could be ideal. This is certainly the case with the Xerox WorkCentre XE60 printer that uses Xerox WorkCentre XE60 toner.  It is also a copier and scanner.

Not only does the WorkCentre XE60 printer fit all your business needs in the one unit, but it also relies on still impressive laser and digital imaging technology. This not only ensures a professional finish, but also a consistent output delivery. When first released this model was up there amongst the best too, so you really know you are buying pedigree.

For students the Xerox WorkCentre XE60 printer could make an excellent purchase.  All those pages of class notes can be copied so nothing is lost before that big final.  Those same students might also find their machine to be very popular with others in the same boat!

The flatbed scanner, which controls all copying and scanning needs, is as high a quality as you would reasonably expect from the Xerox powerhouse. The strong glass and hinged cover to the unit allows the user to copy anything from single sheet A4 sized paper to heavy text books.

The paper handling capacity is good too, being able to handle up to two hundred fifty A4 through to A6 sized sheets of paper. Transparencies, envelopes, cards and labels can also be catered to.

Copying and printing resolution is more than adequate, particularly for letters and other text documents, at six hundred by six hundred dots per inch.

The output capacity is a more than reasonable fifty sheets, whilst the single sheet bypass feeder can handle quick jobs effortlessly. Copies can be produced at up to a maximum of six pages per minute, which (while not likely to break any records) is more than sufficient for most daily duties. From request stage to first print, time is expected to be no longer than thirteen seconds.

Documents can be enlarged readily enough, up to a maximum of two hundred percent of the original size. Reductions can also be comfortably managed down to fifty percent of the original specifications. Preset enlargement criteria are also set into the machine, at plus one twenty nine and two hundred percent, and fifty and seventy eight percent respectively.

Maximum output is set at eight thousand A4 sheets in any monthly cycle, while an average use for such sized machines is a healthy and achievable one thousand sheets.

When first released, the machine was provided with a standard monochrome laser print cartridge that worked on the basis of an average three thousand sheet cycle. Advances in technology since then could well push past this prediction however.

With small dimensions, the Xerox WorkCentre XE60 printer can slot into awkwardly sized spaces. Connectivity options rely on wired technology, though this is all very straight forward for home users and small business owners alike.

This printer is an excellent choice if you are looking for a well respected name and a high quality finish at a discount price.  You will notice, however, there’s nothing discount about the prints produced with Xerox WorkCentre XE60 toner.  High quality Xerox toner in your machine will always provide consistently great prints.  Qtoner with their great prices is always available for replacement of your consumables, any time you need them.

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