Theme Parks With Themes That Might Surprise You

by erin on August 16, 2011

There’s something about theme parks that brings in millions of visitors every year, whether it’s just one day on an itinerary or the main destination. Maybe it’s the fact that theme parks represent what we are interested in as a society. There are definitely many different types out there: educational parks and more fantastical parks, relaxing parks for low-key vacations or parks with heart-attack inducing roller coasters. Then there are the parks that are simply strange. These parks don’t seem to be able to be explained, yet there are out there. Our world features quite a few of these very strange theme parks.

Bon Bon Land

Probably the most notorious theme park is Bon Bon Land in Denmark. The central theme is hard to define, but it basically sticks to puking, pooping, or sexually-represented animals. If you were to go to this theme park, you’d probably ride Hundeprutterutchebane, aka the Dog Fart Coaster in English. The star of the ride is the cartoonish Henry the Hound is is mortally embarrassed by his gas, and during the ride, you get to experience it, well, first hand. Regurgitating rodents, cows with exposed human breasts, and animals relieving themselves left and right are a few of the sights. If you are traveling here or anywhere else outside the US, you will need a passport. If you need one as soon as possible, you can get your passport expedite on the internet.

Online Services

If you are in need of a passport, you can go online to get it. It’s super easy, super simple, and super quick. Basically, these online vendors are simply online passport offices, and this helps to make your job a lot easier, since there are no lines, no opening and closing hours, or overworked employees. Child passport services, passport renewal services, passport replacement services and more are available on these sites, and because expediting is their specialty, you can pick a day (as little as one business day) for your passport to arrive.

Dickens World

Found in Kent, England is the strange Dickens World – a theme park completely set up as 19th century England and inspired by the works of Charles Dickens, such as Oliver Twist and Bleak House. The park is inspired by his writings. Here, you will be approached by diseased beggars, sewage-filled areas, buildings that are falling apart, and a generally uncomfortable experience.


One weird theme park you might have heard of is Loveland in South Korea. Its infamous reputation makes it one of the strangest theme parks in the world. This whole park is the size of two soccer fields, and it contains 140 statues and sculptures representing sexually explicit acts. Everything is there to see – nothing is left to the imagination – which fills it’s primary purpose: to show newlyweds “the ropes,” so to speak.

Weird Themes

If you look hard enough, you are sure to come across some wacky theme parks, and not only in other countries. There is no shortage of weird theme parks in the US as well. If you are in the process of trying to plan a vacation for the near future, browse around online and see what sort of theme parks (especially wacky ones) that you can find. Also don’t forget to check out passport expedite service websites. You can get child passport service and adult passport service on these sites so that your entire family is ready for the trip.

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