To Spend Less Cash For Your Business Try Switching To Compatible Okidata 7200n Supplies

by garrett on February 21, 2008

If you are a small business owner you are well aware of the cost of copier and printer toner. Have you ever been told that compatible cartridges are very safe for you to purchase for your printers and copiers and are also less expensive? Just a couple days ago one of our clients wrote us about what he experienced after he bought a big amount of compatible Okidata 7200 toner.

Jim Robinson manages projects for a medium-sized restaurant supply distributor doing business in one region of the US. He found that online suppliers were selling Okidata toner for 50-67% less than he had been spending for brand name toner. The difference in cost was so great that purchasing compatible Oki 7200 toner allowed him to lower all of his spending for that month by 16 percent.

He asked that the remanufactured cartridges be installed in the company’s two hundred Oki 7200. He was skeptical of his decision until he found that the remanufactured Oki 7200n supplies had the same quality as the brand name toner he had been purchasing at a much higher cost. Jim wrote that “I checked out some of the copies personally and they looked good.”

The compatible Okidata 7200 inks are produced by distributors using the same or even better technology and toner. These businesses use quality control tests that are just as rigorous as those run by brand name toner manufacturers. The result of all this time is that your compatible cartridge will have high quality at a much lower cost.

Jim’s tale goes on from here. His cost-cutting decisions assisted in earning him the company’s manager of the month award 3 months after that. His superiors requested he fulfill the toner orders for the entire company. By switching to compatible Oki 7200 toner, he was able to save his business tens of thousands of dollars each year!

Jim’s letter is an inspiration to those of us looking to improve our business revenues by controlling costs. If you are still skeptical, find out if your office supplier distributes compatible Okidata printer toners and do the cost comparison for yourself. You will be shocked how such a small alteration can make a large difference to your companies bottom line.

Copier and printer toner costs can be huge for a small company, however, there are compatible toner cartridges. These are safe for use and inexpensive. A client found that he could buy Oki toner online at a third of the price of the original product. He used these cartridges instead of the other Oki 7200n toner machines. He found that the copies were the same quality as the original toner. The remanufactured toner producers use the same products and the same business practices to offer a top quality product at a lower price. Any company looking to save in their expenses should look into using compatible toner cartridges.

– Ben Pate

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