To Spend Less Cash For Your Company Try Changing To Compatible Okidata 9300 Toner

by garrett on May 17, 2008

Small business owners are very well aware of the extreme price of toner for their copiers and printers. However, that cost can be greatly lowered by using compatible toner that is perfectly safe for copiers and printers. As an example, one of our clients bought a large shipment of compatible Okidata 9300n printer toner and writes to tell us about his experiences.

Frank McNamara, a project manager for a moderately sized regional restaurant equipment company, discovered that at an online supplier, Okidata toner was being offered at about a third to 1/2 the cost of the brand name toner he had previously been buying. In fact, switching to the compatible Oki 9300n toner was so cheap that he was able to shave sixteen percent off his entire budget for the month!

After procuring compatible cartridges, he had them installed in his 200 Oki 9300n printers. Even though he initially had doubts, he was happy to find that the compatible Oki 9300 inks made results that were in every way as clear and smudge-free as those produced by the high-cost name brand toners he had previously used. Frank said, “I checked out some of the copies personally, and they looked good.”

Compatible Okidata 9300 toner cartridges are made by companies using the same or even better toners or parts as the original producers. The compatible Oki 9300 toner cartridges are stringently tested to assure the same excellence. So you can rest assured that when you purchase the cartridge, you are buying a one hundred percent compatible, quality cartridge at a fraction of the original price.

Frank’s story doesn’t stop there. It turns out that 3 months after that, he got an award as “Manager of the Month,” partly because of the money-saving strategies he had implemented. Furthermore, Frank’s managers gave him the responsibility of purchasing all the toner for his entire company, which saved the company tens of thousands of dollars annually. All this happened because of switching to the compatible Oki c9300n toner!

All of us who want to find the little solutions to increase revenues and prevent unnecessary expenses should learn from the example in Frank’s letter. Communicate with your office supplier to find for yourself the cost in using manufacturer’s cartridges versus Okidata supplies and see how even a small purchasing change can make a huge difference in your bottom line.

New toner cartridges for copiers and printers can be outrageously overpriced, but did you know that there’s an easy way to cut this expense significantly? One of our clients saved a ton of money for his business by converting to remanufactured Oki supplies. These cartridges performed just as well as the cartridges in his company used, the Okidata c9300 supplies, but at a fraction of the price. Our client was rewarded with a large career boost for his money saving choices. It might benefit you to look into changing to remanufactured cartridges the next time you need to replace your toner.

– Ben Pate

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