Some Ways That The HP Color LaserJet 4200 Printer Can Benefit Receptionists

by erin on September 15, 2010

Working as a receptionist is more than just answering phones and making sure clients are comfortable while they wait for their meetings. They also provide the office with document creation as well as shipping and printing out mail for packages. There is a great deal of printing that is done when one works as a receptionist and a good printer is needed for the task. The HP Color LaserJet 4200 Printer along with the HP 4200 ink cartridge black is a great combination for any receptionist.

Any receptionist needs to have a good printer that can print quality documents quickly and efficiently. Since there is a great deal of work for a receptionist to do, they do not have time to wait hours for their documents to print. They need to have them right away for those who work in the office and need them.

Many receptionists also handle all mailings, including packages that need to be sent out. Most companies are using online accounts with the major shipping and mailing companies. The HP Color LaserJet 4200 Printer is compatible with all shipping companies and their online label printing processes. There is never a worry that a label is not going to be printed out properly.

Another common task is taking weekly schedules and printing them out for the entire office so each employee knows when they are scheduled for their own tasks. With this printer, there is no problem printing out quality color schedules or task lists. Simply set the amount of prints that are needed and the printer makes short work of them.

Most companies are doing what they can to save money in order to keep from having to downsize and lay off employees. The bonus for this printer is that the toner is very cost effective and purchasing HP Color LaserJet 4200 toner does not break the bank. Many companies can save money by purchasing their toner in bulk rather than buying them one at a time.

Another cost saver is the fact that more printing can be done with toner than can be done with inkjet printers. This means that the cartridges last longer for this printer than they do for other comparable models that use inkjet technologies. When there is less toner being used, there is less need for replacements and again, for the busy receptionist, this is a definite plus.

Receptionists are very busy in their day with answering phones, greeting clients and taking care of all of the documents associated with their position. Having the ability to print documents quickly and efficiently is a plus for them. With the HP Color LaserJet 4200 Printer and HP LaserJet toner, the busy receptionist does not have to change the cartridges as frequently which is not only efficient, but also offers the company savings. It only makes sense to have the best HP toner and printer that can handle the job for a busy receptionist who handles a great deal of tasks throughout the day.

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