Top Tips For Choosing An HP LaserJet 5L Printer

by erin on February 12, 2010

When you are starting your business, there will be some types of equipment you must have. The printer you select must have certain functions and options that allow you to take advantage of the opportunities for marketing available in all aspects of your business.  The HP LaserJet 5L printer using HP LaserJet 5L toner is one option many businesses will find very attractive.

A new business owner must have the capability of producing crisp and clear marketing materials. In many cases, a printer that is not designed for heavy duty wear will begin to distort copy when multiple documents are being printed. This is very visible when a group of brochures, price lists or other sales items are being printed en mass.

The ability to print over 300 copies of a document can be vital if a person is starting their business. When a printer can meet these needs, it will save you money on printing costs. The cost to take documents to a print shop can be significant. However, with the right printer in-house an individual can create the dynamic marketing materials required, ones that are crisp and clear from the first copy to the last.

The printer must be able to provide clear detail on geometric designs. This can be of great assistance when you have a minimalist logo or design that will be included on your marketing materials. In many cases an individual will find they can set the logo in the printer and that logo will be printed on every document that comes through the printer.

This can be very effective for individuals who are creating works that are copy-righted. Many people find it is very helpful to have their printer create a ghost logo on each page that is produced on their printer. The ghost logo is a very light watermark on which print is overlaid. While it does not disrupt the reading of the items on the document, it is visible to the reader.

Another attribute of the business printer is its ability to provide unique services to the user. Among the most popular features on a professional printer is the maintenance flag. The maintenance flag appears on the LCD display of the printer when it needs standard and regular maintenance.

In most cases, the maintenance flag is set for every 100,000 copies of print. Other manufacturers set the maintenance flag for every 10,000 copies of print, or approximately one toner cartridge. The LCD display shows a message that maintenance is required, as well as the phone number of the maintenance technician. This added convenience makes it very easy to take care of a printer.

When choosing the printer that will best suit your needs, taking into consideration the features and options of the printer will be a key deciding factor. The HP LaserJet 5L printer, when compared to other printers, has many of the features and options available that a new business will find very valuable. A professional with knowledge and expertise in the different printers available will be able to provide you with the details and information you need to make a knowledgeable decision about your business printer.

The HP LaserJet 5L toner used by this printer meets the standards of clear, crisp text and graphics that are set with all HP toner.  Smart business owners will appreciate the prices of replacement toner when ordering online.

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