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by garrett on January 24, 2012

Filling out a United States passport application is a process whereby one applies to get a passport in order to be able to travel outside of the US. Each and every citizen has to hold this document if they wish to travel to destinations out of the US. There is a variation of requirements though for those below the age of sixteen, those who are sixteen and seventeen and those above the age of seventeen.

First Time Applicants

The following must apply for this document. One who is getting it for the first time. One who has one that was issued when they were under the age of sixteen. One whose passport has been stolen, is lost or has been damaged. One who has had a it for more than fifteen years, it is only valid for fifteen years. And finally one who has had a name change and they need to get all names in all documentations synchronized.


When making this application one has to show proof of citizenship first. They will need their birth certificate, a previously issued passport which must be undamaged, a naturalization certificate, a report of birth abroad by the responsible consular and a certificate of citizenship. In some cases one may lack all of the above or have unsatisfactory information. Due to that they will have to submit any secondary evidence that proves they are a US citizen.


All forms should be filled out correctly, with the proper supporting documents. It is important, when applying in person, to not sign the document until there is a witness. By having a witness it proves that you are the one who filled out the application and are not falsifying federal documents.


Two photographs have to be submitted for the application. They must be identical two by two inch full color photos. They have to be taken while in casual wear within the last six months. The face must be in full view and the distance between the top of the head and the bottom of the chin must measure not less than an inch and not more than an inch and three eighths. The background can only be either white or off white. No head gear is allowed in this photo. Medically prescribed items such as glasses and hearing devices have to be worn when taking the picture.

Passport Agency

There are certain circumstances that allow for online pasport renewal application filing or through mail. This normally includes a renewal, or a passport name change. However, filing in person is a good way to go, this way you’re confident that all paperwork submitted was proper and you’re not missing information that could delay the process.

The procedure for a US passport application has to be done with a lot of care. If not it can be long and tiresome. The requirements are simple and if followed to the letter one will have an easy time. It is also advisable to begin the process early so that it is ready in time for travelling. Other services are available as well such as expedition and United States passport renewal. These can all be accomplished quite easily.

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