How To Obtain An Urgent American Passport

by erin on September 20, 2010

An urgent new passport is available to to you if you are a U.S. Citizen and require expedited processing. A passport is a government document that is required for travel outside of the United States. They are legal forms of identification that verifies that the residence and nationality of its owner. Travelers will not be able to enter another country without showing a valid passport.

Every country issues there own passport. Visitors seeking entry into any country must present their passport before they will be allowed into the country. The passport will be stamped by the visiting country, specifying the date you arrived in the country. When a foreign traveler exits the country, the passport will be stamped again, noting when the traveler exited the country. These are called exit and entry stamps.

There are a number of ways to obtain this important travel document. Individuals can visit that actual passport agency and complete an application. All of the information on the application must be filled out or it will cause delays in processing. The pasports are also found in the post office. Most post offices will also take passport photographs for an additional fee.

The type of service an individual has selected will determine how long it will take to receive the document after the application has been submitted. During high travel times, the wait time for these documents will be longer by another two to three weeks over the average waiting period of six to eight weeks. When the agency is inundated with requests for this travel document, it will take longer to process, resulting in delays in receiving the actual document. It is better to apply for these documents during off peak times when the amount of applications are in a smaller amount.

If you apply for travel documents during a time when there are a lot of requests coming into the issuing agency, then your wait time may increase by an extra three weeks. This is not an ideal situation if you need the documents as soon as possible. If you do not require expedited services but will need the documents within the average wait time, it is best to apply during off peak times. This information can be found online or by calling the issuing agency.

There are ways to get this document in as little as a day. Emergency circumstances may arise and an individual will need a passport right away. For added fees, which can be quite substantial, this can be done. It is possible to make an appointment with the distributing agency and request same day service. If you do not make an appointment, you will have to show documented proof why your travel documents need urgent processing.

There are private agencies that will expedite your request for a specified fee. This can be quite expensive but if you need the travel documents immediately, the cost will not be an issue. Many of these services are available online. You will have to submit the required information with all of the fees and the application will be processed immediately. The online services will express mail the documents to the applicant for next day service.

Furthermore, an urgent American passport can also be processed through a private agency that is authorized by the governing body to process an expedited request. These private agencies can process pasports in as little as 24 hours for a substantial fee. Many of these companies advertise their services online. Before doing business with them, it is important to make sure they are in fact a licensed operation.

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