Using The Expedited New Passport Application

by erin on July 26, 2011

Consider the passport. If you think about it, there is no other document that works as proof of identity and citizenship at the same time. There is no government issued document that is more valuable than a passport. When you travel abroad, the request inscribed in the cover requesting your host country to treat you with respect makes you feel safe because you know your country is looking after you. This document is available for all U. S. Citizens. But we will talk about how to get one in a hurry by applying for an expedited new passport.

Obtain Copies

The applicant must obtain a copy of his the birth certificate. Just make sure that this document contains the full names of the parents, the applicant’s complete name and complete place and date of birth. If any of the mentioned information is missing or incomplete, it wouldn’t be accepted. There are steps to correct mistakes in a birth certificate. Some can be frustratingly officious because it may require a court order.

Applicant Form

Together with the birth certificate, the other requirement is a filled out application form or Form DS-11. Personal information and the address of the applicant are entered into the form. Copies of the form are available in most postal centers and government libraries. It can also be downloaded from the Internet using the address of the U. S. State Department. If the applicant has a recent photograph then he is ready for the next step.

Acceptance Center

The next step is to appear personally at the acceptance center. Minors who are old enough to go by themselves like 15 to 16 year old kids can be unaccompanied by adults provided that they have permission from mom and dad to travel abroad. Those below 15 will require a parent or a guardian to go with them.

Interview Process

When at the door of acceptance centers, applicants are only allowed to be processed if they can show identification. Any one of the following is accepted. School IDs for minors, driver’s license, government IDs, and military IDs are considered to be valid IDs. All applicants will be interviewed. The papers that they brought along will be examined. After meeting all requirements, qualified applicants will be made to pay for the cost of processing. There are two ways of processing applications. One is a regular process and the faster one is the expedited new passport application.

Expensive Transaction

The faster application process will finish usually in three weeks or less. This is a more expensive transaction and part of what you are paying is actually for the courier service who will post your new set of documents using express door-to-door delivery.

Web Service

There is a way of knowing how far into the process one’s application has gone. This is done by logging into a tracking service on the web. The information needed so that your application can be tracked is your last name, the last numbers of your Social Security and your date of birth. Tracking cannot be done unless five to seven days has passed after application.

Courier Service

Your new documents will shortly arrive by courier service after a lost passport. Always take care when handling this document. Newly issued passports have microchips embedded in the cover of the booklet. If the cover is damaged or if any part of the booklet gets unauthorized alterations, it will be invalidated. You have to apply again if you want to have it replaced. A rush application is nice to know but as a rule anyone should apply for passports early. For those who are always in a hurry, the expedited new passport application is there for them.

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