Ways To Get An Expedited New USA Passport

by erin on February 18, 2010

Imagine having booked a trip two years ago to sunny Cancun because there was no need for a passport. Now, the trip is coming up and all of a sudden a friend asks if you have a passport. Not everyone is aware of the fact that they have to have a passport now and sometime getting an expedited new US passport is required. It will cost a little bit more, but as long as the applicant knows what to do, the process can be fairly painless.

Everyone should know right off the bat that getting a new passport will take some time. There is some running around that has to be done and there is also the process of making sure that all of the right documents are secured. As soon as the need for a passport application form is realized, it is best to get things rolling right away.

New passports must be done in person. Unlike renewals, the forms cannot be mailed into the proper offices. In most cases, this will require heading to the local post office. However, when expedited services are needed, the post office is not always the best route. Regional passport offices offer more services and can sometimes get a quicker turnaround time.

There are a few things the applicant must take care of alone prior to sending the passport application form. All new applicants need official passport photos. These can typically be taken at any one hour-photo location. The applicant will also need to bring various forms of ID. A full list of valid identification is available on the State Department Website.

Since a new application must be done in person, anything that the applicant is unsure of can be run by the clerk or agent that is working at the office. The passport application form that has to be filled out is the DS-82. Be sure to mention to the clerk that this is for an expedited passport and make sure everything is marked clearly so that there is no confusion.

Because the expedited service is being used, there will be an extra processing fee of $60 for the passport. The extra fee means that the passport will be pushed to the front of the line and should hopefully be back in about three weeks. If it needed faster, cash is king and more money means that they push it through as quickly as a single day.

While it is obviously recommended that the passport be obtained much earlier, it is not always possible. There could be an emergency that requires immediate travel that had not otherwise been planned. When this happens, there is no choice but to use one of the many expedited services that are offered to make sure that the passport is in hand when the time comes around to board the plane.

Filling out the United States passport application form for the first time can be a stressful process. Getting an expedited new U.S. passport can ease this stress a little. The processing center most definitely places expedited passports at a high priority, so it is worth the extra $80 dollars to ensure that a passport comes in less than two weeks, especially if travel plans hinge on its arrival.

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