Ways To Replace A Lost Passport

by erin on July 26, 2011

Passports are crucial items that are given to interested people by their home governments. They feature official pictures of the people, their places of births, and legal names and permit their holders to properly travel abroad. Basically, the items allow travelers to re-enter their land of origin and are slightly difficult to get. Based on these reasons and several more, it is very important to start the act to replace a lost passport as soon as humanly possible.

Vulnerable Experience

Just like it is when misplacing a wallet or bag, losing a passport can be an extremely frightening and vulnerable experience. After you find that it’s missing, give yourself a few minutes or so to carefully look for it. Reporting it lost means that it’ll be permanently invalidated through the Department of State so it is important to first be sure that it is actually missing rather than lost among your belongings.

Form DS-64

If the passport can’t be located, you should quickly obtain an official form called a DS-64 to report it stolen or misplaced. Once the papers have been properly filed, the missing document will be made invalid by the State. If it’s eventually recovered or located, the document won’t be able to be used for any type of travel and should be quickly and properly destroyed.

Local Consulate

The DS-sixty four form has to be completed and turned in to the traveler’s local consulate or Department of State. If you choose to mail the papers, do so using certified mail so you will be notified when they reach their destination. That way, you’ll have a general idea of when you can start the next stage of the process.

Official Website

Look on the State Department’s official web address for a list of places that accept and process international travel documentation applications. In many cases, it’s usually your city’s post office. After you have received word that your DS-sixty four papers have been accepted, go to one of these places and start the process of obtaining a replacement passport.

Required Paperwork

The paperwork required for this stage is called the DS-eleven and should be properly filled out with the correct info. The rest of the process should be familiar to you since you’ve already been through it once already.

International Identification

If your passport was misplaced or stolen on a vacation overseas, things could be a little more difficult as it’s impossible to re-enter your home country without the right international identification. Find the nearest American Embassy and head there as soon as possible. United States emplyees there will be able to assist you and will do their best to get you home.

ACS Unit

You will then need to give the ACS unit of the consulate your vacation itinerary and day you had intended on going home for the expedited new passport. They will start the paperwork and help you to replace a lost passport and will try to get you back to America as quickly as they can. The embassy will look at any and all identity confirming papers that you have on you like your driving license or birth certificate. If they are all in order, a new passport will be given to you.

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