Web Design: How To Make Your Website Stand Out

by on June 26, 2008

Web Design and HTML are all about creating an excellent internet site. You can learn a lot about good website design templates by looking at bad websites. Web pages that make the user work to use them are not ones that are going to attract repeat business from customers.

Web designers can experience problems the same as many other artists. Difficulties such as ineffective background colors, hard to read fonts and lines that appear too close together can create headaches that can be easily fixed. Web site design tutorials can be readily located online for those who are learning to deal with the troubles of creating your own web site.

Think about your intended viewers. Even if they are a group of adolescent girls searching for new shoes, it’s never a good idea to use minute type. It doesn’t have to be huge, but up to a point, larger type is better. Modify the style sheet and your entire site is rationalized. It makes life a lot simpler.

Regardless of how fine your writing is, your readers won’t want to pore over endless pages of it. It will be much more readable if you insert summarizing headlines before some of the paragraphs, and your audience will be able to locate the parts they particularly want to read. Another alternative is to use bullet points or lists with preceding numerals to vary the pace and flow.

And finally, check if you have made any spelling mistakes. Nothing gets on the nerves of people reading stuff more on a web page than spelling errors- it simply makes you look like you are not concerned enough to get it right. Use that spell check tool.

It’s simple to improve readability of the content on your website. It’s not time consuming, and the only requirement, basically, is common sense. The reward will be clearer text, visitors that stay at the site long enough to know what you are saying, and who trust you more after they do. After all the effort people put in to saving some time, a search engine is necessary, and it provides them with information must easier. Free web design templates are available for download at many sites on the internet, which allow you to share yours with other people.

Web design and HTML make a good website, as evidenced by the look of badly designed web pages on the Internet. Poorly designed websites can have numerous problems, from poor color schemes to small fonts that can result in losing potential customers. A myriad of website design templates are available that you can use to tailor your website’s pages to your business image. When you design a site, ensure it’s not overly wordy, using headlines to summarize the page quickly for the viewer and any search engine your site may appear on. Taking extra time to ensure your website is user friendly and good looking can do wonders.

– jason ciment

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