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by on July 6, 2008

A web site builder is sometimes used to create a personal website, or services from a web design expert are needed. Although it may seem to be the easy way out, using a web design expert can prove to be a costly expense. To be sure you are doing what is right for your site and situation, you must size the decision and the purpose of the site.

If you are planning a website for a fledgling electronic commerce venture, it makes sense to bear the substantial costs for outsourcing the design to an expert. This is driven by the hope that a dollar spent on good design shall fetch you a fortune tomorrow. But if you are planning a website for sharing your views, your pictures, and your videos with the rest of humanity; you should design the website yourself using web site builder software.

Designing a functional website is not as difficult as it seems to the layman. Of course, like all creative pursuits, expertise in website design comes with practice. But designing a crude yet functional website requires no more than a week. This has been made possible by the availability of user-friendly web design software or site builders.

A good website is simple, allows the user to easily access the relevant information, is visually appealing, and engages the surfer through use of interactivities. Using site builder software, you can incorporate all these attributes to your website. But before doing that, put your plan of action on sheet of paper. This draft design document shall guide you towards achieving mastery in the use of the site builder software.

You can learn as much or as little as you want about the web site builder software depending on what your needs are for your portal. If you need advanced functions and design features the information is available but if you only need the basic information then don’t worry about the rest, just learn what you need and start designing.

Several companies offer proprietary web site builder software, and although some of it is good, purchasing any of this proprietary web site builder software will cost at least one hundred dollars. However, online web design forums offer open source web site builders which are equally good and completely free of charge.

When deciding if you want to build your own website or utilize a professional web designer you first have to identify your priorities. If your website is related to e-commerce or other online venture, then you may want to bring in a professional web designer. If it is a personal, non-commercial venture; than you may want to create your own website utilizing a web site builder software program. A packaged software program can help you through all the steps needed to create a basic operable website. There are software packages available to purchase and also free to use on the web.

– Tem Balanco

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