Were Your Parents Right? Is Loud Music Dangerous?

by Bridget on May 22, 2012

In another exhaustive study done surrounding addiction, current research suggests that kids can gain a propensity towards addiction if they have a tendency to blast loud music in their ears. Is there anything that doesn’t lead to an addiction? There should be a study regarding whether or not reading about studies concerning addiction actually leads to addiction. However, the point is that perhaps there is a correlation between decibels and addictive behaviors.

Netherlands Study

According to a study conducted by researchers at the Erasmus MC University Medical Center located in the Netherlands, those kids that listen to one hour or more per day of loud music could be placed in the risky category in regards to attitudes and behavior. 944 students between the ages of 15-25 were surveyed about how often they listen to loud music which was classified as 89 decibels which is about the sound of a running lawnmower. Those that did listen to an hour or more were then asked questions regarding their attitudes or experiences regarding drugs and other risky behaviors, their answers lead to researchers claiming the music blasting students were more likely to smoke marijuana, binge drink, and partake in risky sexual activity.

Rock And Roll Is Dangerous

Although the students are too young to know the stigma associated with Rock N’ Roll, this research seems to back up the claim that particular music genres can lead to risky behaviors and can be associated with drugs. However, perhaps the fact that the study was conducted in the Netherlands should suggest more than loud music leads to addiction. The Netherlands are known for the lax laws and attitudes regarding drugs and overall behavior. After all the drinking age is a bit skewed. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that this was taken into account when the researchers laid their claims down.

Medical Advice

Many physicians argue that although kids should limit their exposure to loud music, it’s for medical reasons not due to the fact that it could lead to a potential addiction. Long term exposure to loud music or any loud noise for that matter can lead to degenerative hearing loss, or even more painful conditions such as a blown ear drum.

Listen To The Music

If kids are listening to loud music, perhaps parents should look into the genre. Maybe they are listening to their music loudly because there is outside noise such as fighting that they are trying to block out. Maybe their music is a bit depressing which could indicate a depressive disorder which in turn could lead to an addiction or risky behavior. If parents were just more involved perhaps dangerous behaviors could be curtailed.

There will continue to be ridiculous studies trying to figure out why some people fall under the grasp of addiction and others don’t. It doesn’t appear that there is one sure fire catalyst, addiction is prevalent and is also indiscriminate and often times there is a co-morbid disorder occurring. This is why if an individual does find themselves suffering from an addiction they should seek help at a dual diagnosis rehab, because all issues will be dealt with. And, hopefully they will not be exposed to loud music.

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