What Documents Are Needed To Request A US Passport Renewal For Minor

by erin on February 9, 2011

Before we go into any depth on the documents required it is worth noting that a minor is any person under the age of 16. Although the process may state both parents or legal guardians there is a clause that allows for one parent to apply with or without the non-applying parents consent. This is a documentation and process guide on how parents or legal guardians should go about applying for a US passport renewal for minor.

The first form which you must complete is the application form itself, this is known as the application form for a US passport and its reference number is DS-11. Please remember though that this form should not be signed until you are instructed to do so by the acceptance agent. Another important point is that from the date on the form you have just five days to present the application to the US Department of State, after this time frame a new form will need to be completed.

There are a number of other documents and forms which need to be either enclosed or completed and attached and these include; proof of US citizenship such as a old passport or birth certificate with the appropriate seal, or a certified copy. Two photos that are identical must be provided and should be 2×2 inches in size, the photos do not have to be recent but must have been taken within the last six months. Another point is the background on passport photos has to be white.

If you are intending on leaving in two weeks or less you must attach an itinerary with the application, if this is missing the application may well be delayed. If both parents or legal guardians cannot be present with the applying minor then a notarized statement of consent or special circumstances form must be completed, a DS 3053. This allows one parents families the right to apply for a passport for a minor even if the non-applying parents cannot be contacted for consent. All of these documents will be checked and witness by the acceptance agent and sealed in the envelope.

Next is the payment, checks or money order must be payable to the U. S Department of State and will must also provide two letters of authorization. These can be signed by one party but two copies are needed to proceed with the application, failure to do so will hold up the order.

A passport processing order form is also required and must be attached to the outside of the envelope. This form makes each application easy to identify and therefore staff can prioritize urgent applications and the name, date of birth and most importantly departure date are clearly visible to them.

The fees required by each party are detailed as follows: the government fee will need to be in the sealed envelope, the service and FedEx return fees should be attached on the outside of the envelope and lastly the acceptance agents fee. Check everything to ensure you have it all covered and that the monies enclosed or attached correspond with the service or product you require.

Lastly before you visit the acceptance agent check everything one more time and if you are even the slightest bit unsure contact either your local agent or the issuing authority directly for guidance. It is far better to be paranoid of making a mistake and checking it constantly than to be over confident and miss out something vital. Although this process may seem rather longwinded, when it comes to the safety of our children we can never do enough. This is all done to ensure that no-one who is not legally responsible for a child can apply for a US passport renewal for a minor.

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