What You Should Know About A Lost Passport

by erin on July 6, 2011

If you are a US citizen, a passport book or card is critical for travel. Hence, the reason it is crucial to ensure that this type of document is not lost. In spite of this, incidents occur and can cause you to have a lost passport. Throughout this type of experience, it is imperative that you make it your highest priority to report and replace your documents.

Current Location

The type of response you have will likely depend on your location at the time. Nonetheless, you are only allowed to have one United States passport that is legal at one time. In consideration, you are required to present a statement of claim, which says that it was lost or stolen while filling out the forms for a new one.

Three Steps

In essence, three steps can ease the progression of getting your application processed. First, you should work on gathering all of the necessary documents, which prove you are a citizen of the United States. In consideration, this means you should concentrate on gathering things as your old passport, naturalization papers, or your birth certificate.

Birth Certificate

As a rule, people are advised to acquire a copy of their long form birth certificate. On average, this type of birth certificate is preferred since it has all of the information originally filled out on the certificate when you were born. In the event that you do not have a certified or original copy of the aforesaid documents, there are currently services out there that can help you to acquire any documents issued by the government swiftly and conveniently.

Online Service

Using a service online makes it easier and quicker for you get the documents that are required. Always take into account how the validity of the birth certificate depends on whether it includes a registrar’s seal. As a rule, the seal comes impressed, raised, embossed, or multicolored. Furthermore, the original or copy should contain the signature of the registrar and the date at which it was filed at the registrars.

Valid Document

In order for the document to be valid, it must have a registrar signature dated within the year of when you were born. Besides having to prove your citizenship, you will also be required to prove your identity. Documents considered acceptable for doing this is a driver’s license or state issued ID.

Form Types

Other types of forms acceptable for identification are government or military issued IDs. Despite this, the ID you decide to use must have a date of issuance that is over six months. However, if you do not have any of the documents mentioned, you are allowed to choose from a list of documents acceptable for identification.

Acceptable Cards

In addition, an insurance card, professional license card, and student ID, as well as other forms of IDs listed on the website for a US passport are considered acceptable. If you have to use an identification document considered a supplement for identification, you are going to need four separate copies of the identification considered acceptable. When you have collected all of the information that is necessary, you can apply online.

Bar Code

If you fill out your information over the Internet, it will generate a 2D bar code, which you can print. The bar code is required for any carry in. Lastly, you have to find an embassy or acceptance agent for the replacement of your lost passport. Finally, an expedited new passport service will likely reduce replacement time.

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