5 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Animal Enthusiasts

by erin on July 12, 2010

I love animals, and whenever my family and I travel, I beg to go to the local zoo or aquarium. However, nothing beats getting to see these animals in the wild. Traveling internationally means getting to meet some of these strange and exotic animals, most of which aren’t found anywhere near the United States. Of course, this means getting a passport. However, this has become so much easy. Online emergency American passport services mean you can a passport as soon as tomorrow! If you are looking to embark on a journey seeking wildlife, here are a few suggestions.

Have you ever considered swimming with the dolphin or perhaps exploring the underworld abode of the man eating shark in the safety of a shark cage? While I am not sure this would be one for me, the adventure minded thrill seeker will never find a better opportunity to view wildlife while getting the thrill of your life. If you want to get up close and personal with a shark but still be totally safe, perhaps shark cage diving is for you.

You really can’t mention a vacation that is interactive when it comes to animals without mentioning an African safari. South Africa is the home of the Kruger National Park and is one of the places where the dream of experiencing a real African safari can be fulfilled. Mother elephants with their babies in tow, cheetahs, rhinos, gazelles and lions are found in abundance on the African plains and simply await your visit.

The Galapagos Islands most famous attribute is its diversity of wildlife. With 97.5% of the land area declared a National Park, you can experience untouched natural preserves and become acquainted with some of the most unique wildlife on the entire planet. Since so much of the wildlife is protected, some of the animals are actually very friendly with humans, such as the sea lions. The marine iguanas, huge tortoises, and even penguins call the Galapagos home.

A visit to coastal Canada or Africa can provide an opportunity to do some whale and dolphin watching. Guided boat tours are available to transport the visitor to watery locations where huge whales and playful dolphin can be observed, some by themselves and some in large schools. Perhaps this is not something you would quickly think of when planning your vacation but if you do, you and your family will enjoy a completely unique experience.

If you should decide to visit a coastal community that enjoys warm weather, perhaps you and your family would like the opportunity to see both large and small salt water fish while snorkeling or scuba diving. Please remember, however, that some of the best locations for this activity require a passport so if urgent new passport renewal is required by any member of your family, go online and check out one of the many passport agencies available online.

There are so many places you can travel if your desire is to experience wildlife that is both diverse and unique. From Australian kangaroos to South American jaguars and monkeys, these locations are just a plane ride away, but you have to have a passport to travel there. Plus, emergency US passport services are readily available online so if an urgent pass port renewal is what you need, don’t let that discourage you. There are many online companies which can provide you with safe, secure and expedited passport renewal. Thrills and adventure in the wild kingdom await you and your entire family.

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