A Detailed Review Of The Samsung ML 6050 Printer

by garrett on February 24, 2010

For only $100, you can get the Samsung ML 6050 printer. It is intended to replace the more expensive inkjet devices. Ever since it was released, it has dominated the price conscious market. Although it is considered an entry-level printer, it has a performance level and print quality from the Samsung ML 6050 toner that rivals its more expensive counterparts.

It can deliver 12 pages in a minute, which makes it one of the fastest among other entry-level devices. The 550 sheet paper tray on this device makes it one to be reckoned with. This is five times the normal size of any printer in its class.

It uses a 67 MHz CPU and 4 MB RAM. However, you can always expand the memory up to 68 MB. You may have a hard time looking for compatible RAM  since it still uses the old 72-pin EDO SIMM. Most laser printers use the industry standard 100-pin SD RAM. Local availability might be a problem, so we advise you to check online.

The print quality of the text and graphics were sharp and clear. However, we were not able to use its 1,200 dpi setting. The printer refused to work under that resolution. When we scaled back to 600 dpi, the problem was fixed. Even at that resolution, the graphic prints were still good enough for the average user. Since this is a monochrome laser printer, it cannot depict color that well. This means if you try printing a photo the result might be a little disappointing.

The package includes a toner cartridge that can print 3,000 pages. You can also buy a new one for about $100, which makes each page cost around 3.3 cents. This is a little expensive for a laser printer. If you want to save a lot more money, you can always use the Toner Save feature. This is a great feature if you are printing text documents since it only uses half the amount of toner. A single page can cost 1.65 cents with Toner Save, which is a lot lower than any personal laser printer. Bear in mind this is not recommended for graphic printing since it cause some contrast problems.

The Samsung ML 6050 printer can be connected via a USB or parallel cable. The two ports on the device make sure that everybody will be able to use it. However, it lacks a Ethernet port for networking. If you want the same features plus networking capability, you might want to consider getting the ML 6060 instead.

Like any other laser printer, the ML 6050 uses 300 watts of power when it is printing. When it is in idle mode, however, it only uses around 30 watts. The printer is also EPA Energy Star compliant.

A one-year standard warranty is included with the product. In addition, you can contact their 24/7 technical support team through their telephone number. It is also highly recommended that you download the latest drivers from Samsung’s website.

The Samsung ML 6050 is a great printer if you are on a budget. This inexpensive device outperforms most of its counterparts. The high capacity tray and low printing cost are two main factors that make this product highly recommended. However, if you want a photo printer, you need to consider another model since this is only good for printing documents and spreadsheets.

For the types of printing for which this device is geared, the Samsung ML 6050 toner performs admirably.  Anyone familiar with Samsung toner won’t find this surprising, however, locating laser printer toner online at great prices will be a pleasant find.

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