A Diver’s Guide To The World’s Best Scuba Spots

by erin on July 14, 2010

Scuba diving is rapidly becoming one of the most enjoyed sports and one of the reasons is that it can be done no matter your age. Because of its popularity, many vacationers are seeking locations where they can enjoy this underwater experience and to that end, we want to make you aware of some of the most fascinating places in the world to enjoy scuba diving. To travel to these areas, you will need a passport and with online passport renewal service available from you home computer, it has never been more convenient and trouble-free.

The island of Bonaire located in the Caribbean is the first location we want to discuss as it holds a treasure chest full of adventure for the diver. Known for its crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife, this island is entirely dedicated to wildlife preservation and the entire island is actually a marine park. This naturally contributes to the number and variety of sea life that can be observed here which contribute to the attraction. Shark, rays, eels, sea turtles and an unlimited number of colorful salt water fish await your visit but a lost passport can prevent you from being able to visit so be sure to contact an online passport agency and get that passport in your hand right away.

When you think of Egypt you probably think of sand and pyramids but coastal Egypt provides a unique site for scuba diving. The Red Sea boarders Egypt and due to the separation from the Indian Ocean, it had become the home of a unique variety of sea life, reef formations and beautiful underwater landscapes. The Red Sea is the natural habitat for over 1,200 types of fish and 10% of that number is found nowhere else in the world. Some of the oldest coral reefs can be found here dating back five to seven thousand years. A ship wreck or mysterious underwater cave can also be explored and don’t be surprised if you bump into a giant Moray Eel. Sting rays, star fish and shark are some of the local residents that inhabit these waters and make their home in the reefs of the Red Sea.

Charles Darwin traveled to the Galapagos Islands to research his theory of evolution but this is also a fabulous place for you to visit to enjoy a scuba diving experience beyond compare. Located off the coast of Ecuador, the waters are populated with both large and small sea life including colorful fish, shark, turtles and penguins. Among the most unusual to be seen at this location is the marine iguana while some of the largest include dolphin and whales and sea lions. All this sea life will provide a premier water experience that you will be talking about for years.

Perhaps one of the most famous coral reefs in the world is the Great Barrier Reef which is off the coast of Australia. With over 1,500 varieties of fish, 400 different species of coral, six species of turtles to name only a few, this may be the number one diving experience and is known world wide. Whales of 30 different species, dolphin and shark share these waters with sea horses and sea snakes treating the visitor to a visual feast of underwater life in all sizes and shapes. Perhaps one of the most diverse areas concerning sea animal and plant life, most divers consider this a must-see location.

Diving is a great way to get in touch with nature. Thankfully, planning a scuba trip is easy with an U S online passport renewal service. These sites make replacing a lost expedited passport or a damaged passport incredibly easy, so you can grab your gear and get diving.

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