What To Do If Your Flight Gets Delayed: A Guide To Stress-Free Travel

by erin on June 8, 2010

It’s enough to make the most weathered traveler want to go postal. You’re at the airport and you hear that your flight has been canceled or delayed. Don’t panic! There are many things you can do to help you successfully survive this situation without losing your mind. It’s common knowledge that airport travel is frustrating. You spent hours and hours tearing your house, car, and office apart looking for your passport, spent the money on an expedited emergency passport renewal, and paid hundreds of more dollars on an airline ticket. Believe it or not, however, there are solutions to this stressful problem.

The most efficient and effective way to deal with travel issues is to just be prepared. While you are online looking for your ticket, note the other options that are available. If your flight gets canceled, you know your other options right away and this can help you rebook and get to your destination smoothly. Don’t forget to take a look at other airports in the area too. Being armed with alternatives can help you achieve peace of mind when traveling, as well as preparing you should any problems arise. Also, take the time to ensure your passport is valid. If not, on online to drive to a passport office to renew it and attain all the proper paperwork you’ll need.

If your flight is delayed or canceled, remain cool. Remaining in a practical and steady frame of mind can help you get through the situation without any more problems. It’s more than reasonable to be upset about the delays, but losing your temper won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it can only make things worse. Be firm, but be nice. Hurling expletives at the agent will not help you in any way. Keep a calm and positive attitude can help you get the results that you want.

Many people don’t know about the responsibility airlines hold for their passengers should the flight be canceled because of a fault of their own. Technical or employee problems obligate the airline to compensate you for an overnight stay and a meal voucher. However, this doesn’t include bad weather or other factors that the airline can’t help.

Just having planned for a delay or cancellation can give you a bug advantage when deciding what to do next. When booking your flight, aim for departures that are earlier in the day. If something should happen that delays all the flights, it’s the flights scheduled later in the evening that will be canceled first. Being on one of the first flights ensures that you will be one of the first ones out should the delay be cleared.

The potential nightmares associated with airline travel are plenty. However, good planning and preparation can help you stay sane and keep you from becoming homicidal in the airport. Calmly weigh your options and speak with the agent to see what you can do. The hoops associated with international travel is enough to give anyone a headache, but recent innovations has been putting the travel industry strides ahead. For example, rush passport replacement and expedited shipping can be provided by an online passport office, making your traveling experience that much easier.

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