A Holiday In Greece: Discover The Heritage Of The Ancients

by erin on June 14, 2010

Greece is one of the most historically rich locations on Earth. With world famous architecture, art, food, cities, villages, and history, visiting Greece offers much more than the standard family vacation. As an international destination you will need to obtain more U.S. passport pages for every member of your family before you go. Once you’ve done that, all that’s left is to do is look forward to a great vacation.

When visiting Greece, it’s almost impossible not to see the famous buildings of the ancient times. We’ve all heard the stories of Greek mythology, and seeing some of the famous monuments for yourself will transport you back to a time when ancient gods and goddesses ruled the lands. The Acropolis is easily the most famous site in Greece. As a sacred dedication to Athena, this temple was built high on a hill to overlook all of Athens. Adorned with art straight from the hands of ancient Greek sculptors, it’s easy to see why this destination is so popular.

Athens is the center of Greece history. Athens is named for Athenia, its patron goddess. The city has many wonderful and historic sites to visit. Large areas of the city are limited to foot traffic. Adorning the street corners are beautiful neoclassical statures. This really immerses you in the ancient times, which feel very close. Grecian food is world renowned and of course, being in Greece provides you an opportunity unlike any other to sample the great Greek cuisine. Everywhere you look you will find world famous art and architecture transforming a simple stroll down the street to a wonderful adventure.

Apart from the historical sites of Greece, the beaches are enough to attract visitors from all over the world. People from all around the world come to Greece to bask in the Mediterranean sun and play in the beautiful blue water. While the pictures of these beaches are enough to take your breath away, seeing them in real life for yourself is an entirely different experience. Many public beaches are available for people to visit, and if you are particularly proud of your bathing-suit body, you could even visit a nudist beach! The diversity of aquatic life and the number of places to explore under water make the beaches of Greece an adventure you definitely do not want to miss. So be sure to have your passports ready!

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