A Meeting With The Midnight Sun: Consider Sweden For Your Next Vacation Destination

by erin on June 25, 2010

Sweden, while it may not sound like a traditional sort of vacation destination, it definitely rivals some of the most popular. With some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, Sweden’s castles, mountains, and national parks promise to provide you with unforgettable experiences. And with easy-to-use passport services available on the internet, services like emergency passport renewal and processing is as easy as a couple clicks.

Some of the most unique wildlife can be found in Sweden. On occasion, even the gigantic moose, apply call the king of the Swedish forest, can be found roaming the wild but at times, they even invade the cities and towns. Other incredible animals calling Sweden their home are the wolverine, wolves, large brown bears and lynx. They are waiting to great you but first you have to get to the shores of Sweden and to do that, you will need a US passport.

Sweden is known the world over for its seemingly untouched natural open areas and beautiful mountain scenery and every corner of this beautiful country present an opportunity to experience some of nature’s most intense beauty. During the months of May and June, the days seem to turn upside down in the city of Alrid. The moon appears during the day while the sun comes out at night. Have I sparked your curiosity? I hope so. Mountainous areas abound in Sweden with their caves and caverns providing the opportunity for exploration right into the heart of the earth. This is as much of an attraction to the adventure seeker as the bird-like views from Sweden’s beautiful mountains are to the nature lover. Sarek and Abisko are two of Sweden’s natural parks and provide interaction with nature both beautiful and pristine. Mirror-like lakes speckle much of Sweden with a familiar reflection of white topped mountains providing a degree of beauty that must be call rare and world class.

Some of Sweden’s largest cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo provide experiences and nightlife that is diverse from one to the other. Stockholm is perhaps one of the best known and provides enjoyment of some of the world’s finest restaurants as well as unique shopping opportunities. Malmo offers an experience that is about as multi-cultural as you can get as over one-hundred languages are spoken there. The experience you will enjoy if you visit Gothenburg is quite different as it is a seaside metropolis. The thrill seeker will not want to miss Scandinavia’s larges amusement park which is found in Sweden.

To really get to see the heart of any country, you should try to live like the citizens of that country do for a day or so and there is not better way to truly experience interaction with true Swedish culture. Swedish literature, music and art have provided enormous influence to artists world wide. Musicians such as ABBA, for example, make Sweden their home. A visit to one of the medieval castles found in Sweden will help you to get in touch with genuine Swedish history. Constructed between the 12th and 17th centuries, exploration of these castles provides an individual experience with Sweden’s history.

You will find Sweden to be a destination with so much to see and do that you will be recommending a visit to all your friends but a United States passport is required for travel to this beautiful country and emergency United States passport renewal services make getting one simply and easy. Come and meet one of your global neighbors waiting to make you welcome and enriched. From the mountains, to the cities, to the crystal lakes, Sweden is beckoning each visitor from far and wide.

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