A Portrait Of Thailand: One Of Asia’s Most Beautiful Enigmas

by erin on June 28, 2010

Thailand is as unique as it gets. With some of the most unique attractions and landscapes anywhere, it’s easy to see why Thailand is one of the world’s best vacation spots. While many people shudder at the thought of international travel, it has become so much easier. Finally, secure passport services are available on line making everything you need concerning passports – from ways to add United States passport pages to expedited service – a breeze.

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One of the main attractions that draw people to Thailand from all around the globe is the diving. 155,213 square miles of undersea ocean landscapes are open for exploration, meaning that the adventures are pretty much endless. Over 500 miles dot the Thai water-scape, meaning your adventures can continue onto land as well. Thailand is famous for its amazing diversity of aquatic inhabitants and colorful coral landscapes. Whale sharks, manta rays, and mobs of intensely colorful fish populate the waters of Thailand, all of which you can meet face to face for yourself.

The powdery white sand beaches of Thailand boarder by the crystal blue sea create a relaxation opportunity that is difficult to find. Thailand enjoys 1,550 miles of coastline so it is easy, indeed, to find your own piece of waterfront paradise to enjoy. The scenery along this shore is quite diverse with certain areas enjoying views of rocky cliffs while other locations are found within cozy inlets. Some of the Thailand shore presents the visitor with quiet coves while other areas are laden with snow white sands that can be called nothing short of paradise.

Bouldering, rock-climbing, and outdoor trekking are some other activities that are even more extreme in Thailand. The Rai Le Beach in Krabi features over 700 rock climbing routes that have been bolted into the cliffs. In Khao Yai National Park, declared a World Heritage Site, you can climb a cliff face with two waterfalls rushing on both sides of you. Ko Tao in the Gulf of Thailand is perfect for those who enjoy bouldering. Thailand is also the perfect place for an even more unique experience: riding an elephant. Imagine sitting on the back of a huge elephant thumping through the misty forests. At the Elephant National Institute, you can even learn not only how to ride an elephant, but how to bathe it in a river and sleep with it in the jungle!

Breathtaking beauty and ancient culture provide a real attraction to the vacationer. Many Buddhist temples and monuments can be found here providing a serene, spiritually enlightening experience for the adventure seeker. The Grand Palace is a great location to get in touch with Thai history and culture and a visit here will treat you to a site known the world over, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. This is considered one of the most sacred likenesses of Buddha and is visited daily by many local Thai citizens who seek an opportunity for daily prayer and worship.

We have given you just a glimpse into the many attractions and unique culture that awaits you in Thailand but remember, you can’t travel there without a passport. If you travel date is uncomfortably near relative to getting your passport, quick United States passport renewal services can be easily accessed online by one of many official passport agencies. You can even add USA passport pages or get a new passport online so do waste a minute. Go online, get your passport services done quickly and securely and set sail for paradise, Thailand.

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