A Review Of Brother HL-2700c Printer

by erin on June 23, 2011

Brother HL-2700c printer has been found to be an intelligent one with several cool features. It is an ideal product for small business owners as it gives maximum value of each and every penny spent on it. It outscores its competitors with its splendid printing speed. A review of Brother HL-2700c printer is provided in the following lines.

Control Panel

Its control panel is found on its top left corner quite near the output tray. Being strategically located, its control panel is easy to use and operate. Printed pages are obtained with a combination of a 250-sheet output tray, extender and paper stopper. Its design is quite impressive and you would definitely like it.

Four Cartridges

To access its four cartridges located on its right side, you will need to press a tab. It is shipped with four starter cartridges colored cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These cartridges can be taken out or put in with ease. Besides these, there is an additional cartridge located above the A4 sheets input.


Four cartridges having a long life come already installed. The black cartridge can print nearly five thousand pages and colored ones can produce around three thousand pages each. These figures are pretty remarkable for starter pages and increase significantly when you purchase new ones. Individual usage patterns have a significant impact on the life of a cartridge.

Operating System

You can use it comfortably with any operating system of your choice. It enjoys full compatibility with all popular operating systems like Mac, Linux and Microsoft Windows. Installing its drivers is easy and anyone with basic knowledge of computers can do it easily. It is worthwhile to have a look at its different features.

Memory Space

Memory of the Brother HL-2700c requires a special mention among all of its features. In addition, its RAM can be increased to a mammoth 576 MB. This memory capacity is unheard of in most other printers in its class. It provides considerable speed, thanks to its 300MHz processor.

Compact Flash

Compact Flash slot is another splendid feature, which will definitely interest you. You can store common jobs and font styles to make use of them any number of times. Armed with this feature, its users are able to fire stored jobs and save a significant amount of time.

Print Speed

It is far better than most of its competitors in terms of speed of printing. It prints over 18 pages of monochrome text every minute. The average rate of printing text of other printers is much lower than that of this significant product. There is some concern concerning its speed for printing graphics, which is a tad lower than that of its competitors.

Print Value

Considering the above discussion, the Brother HL-2700c printer provides good value of the money you spend on it. Though you may be left wanting for more speed when you are printing graphics, you will still be very glad you made the purchase with its use of toner cartridge. It is a good product with plenty of interesting features that are of tremendous use for everyone. It deserves a good look from all those individuals and business concerns looking to satisfy their printing needs.

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