A Stolen Passport Can Be Devastating

by adam on March 31, 2010

An individual that wakes up one morning in the middle of a trip to find their passport gone can find their entire vacation or business trip in tatters. This will prohibit any travel to any other countries on their itinerary and maybe even hamper their return home by delaying it for quite some time. This can cost an individual quite a bit more money than was budgeted for a trip in extending their stay and in the replacement of the stolen passport.

There are service providers that can help to expedite replacing a stolen passport in as little as one day’s time. These services may be found by going online and doing a quick search. There all the websites will be found detailing how quickly one can be replaced and how much it will cost, depending on the time frame.

The majority of these have forms that will need to be filled out and these will be available via a link on the provider’s website. The governmental forms are standard DS-11 and DS-64 passport applications, so one will need access to a printer that most hotels will provide. There will also be an order form that the provider requires be printed out and sent in along with all of the other paperwork.

Along with the standard forms, there will be a need to provide identification proving not only who you are but also the travel itinerary. These are simple and should be items that are handy like a driver’s license and plane tickets. They will request secondary items of proof but these are easily faxed to the hotel or a local copy shop, if necessary.

New photographs will also be needed to help expedite the return of the stolen passport. These can be easily obtained by locating an authorized passport photographer in the area by either going online or simply checking the local phone book. Odds are that this has happened before and the front desk staff may have a recommendation or two of their own.

Once all the paperwork is rounded up, there will be an 800 number listed on the website that will needed to be called. The provider will then give the information as to where it should be sent and how. The majority will use some type of private courier such as FedEx or their local equivalent.

The fees for these can range anywhere from around $300.00 for service in one business day to $150.00 for a few days wait. This fee does not include the governmental processing fee, which needs to be paid separately to the issuing agency. No matter the cost, the need to have a new passport in hand during this time is a paramount concern.

Replacing a stolen passport can be relatively painless by using one of these providers. They help to expedite the return and can make an otherwise interrupted trip go smoother the rest of the way. The Internet holds the key to all of the providers and their websites, making them quite easy to find.

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