A Technical Synopsis Of The Canon ImageClass MF8170c Printer

by erin on June 16, 2011

The Canon ImageClass MF8170c printer promotes professionalism in small-businesses worldwide. It is a cost-effective solution and it prints remarkable documents at respectable speeds. This device sits with dimensions of 20.1″ width, 20.2″ depth, 25.2″ height, and weighs around 79.4 pounds. It could fit on a sturdy tabletop. The laser apparatus is capable of printing sixteen mono pages per minute; this is roughly four seconds per page. It prints four color pages per minute. This is roughly fifteen seconds per page. Mono-based documents have a capped resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch. Quality color documents have a decent resolution of 2400 x 600 dots per inch.

Capped Resolution

Copy documents are created with a capped resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch. Operators can create copies at a rate of sixteen mono pages per minute; this roughly four seconds per page. The copier can print four color pages per minute. This is approximately fifteen seconds per page. Obviously, there is no trade-off for print and copy rates as they both operate at similar speeds. Operators can use the zoom in/out feature with minute detail at one-percent increments from a range of 50-200%. Memory Copy and Toner Saver Mode are two primary benefits of the copier.


The scanner flatbed uses a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) element. Optical scan resolution is 1200 x 2400 dots per inch and the scanning hardware can produce scans with a resolution of 9600 x 9600 dots per inch. The maximum size for platen is 8.5 x 11.7″ and the maximum document size through the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is 8.5 x 14″.

Fax Modem

The fax modem operates with speeds of 33.6 Kbps. The memory holds up to 256 pages. Faxes have a capped resolution of 406 x 391 dots per inch. Operators can take advantage of the incorporated network that allows users to print or fax from PCs. The front cassette tray can hold up to 250 documents. The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) can hold up to 50 documents. The multipurpose tray holds 125 documents.

Handling System

This machine’s paper handling system is miniscule compared to high-powered enterprise MFPs. Nevertheless, this MFP is appropriate for whom it is ideal and that would be small business offices and small work-groups. This MFP comes with a 1-year, limited, standard warranty. The MF8170c has a straightforward networking interface, a USB port and Ethernet ports. The networking-ability for the machine is directed to small businesses and work-groups because of the limited resources and speeds.

Starter Drum

This machine comes with a starter drum cartridge and basic starter toners. Uncommonly, this machine comes with a free USB cable. Also, it comes with essentials like CD-ROM software, destination labels, documentation, power cable, telephone cable, and a document feeder tray.

Control Panel

The control panel offers a significant comfort level and simplicity in its navigation. The copy key is represented like Color Start and B&W Start buttons. Other functions like Reduce/Enlarge, Collate, Exposure, and Image Quality are painless and accessible. Operators will experience satisfaction in how uncomplicated it is to navigate the functions. The LCD presents backlit texts that are discernible to the eye. Also, it has other various tweaks like allowing the user to configure the device to remove dust from prints and copies.

Cartridge System

This device runs a 4-toner cartridge and drum cartridge system and he colors are cyan, yellow, black, and magenta. There is a page yield of 5,000 per unit of black toner and there is a page yield of 4,000 pages per unit of color toner. The black drum unit is estimated to produce up to 20,000 pages per unit. In most cases, the page yield of a unit is determined by average coverage. In this case, the page yield is determined based on 5% coverage. Keep in mind that the page yield can vary according to page complexity and toner density. The MFP is capable of a monthly duty cycle of 30,0000 pages.

Solid Cartridge

The Canon ImageClass MF8170c printer presents itself as a solid choice for small-businesses that are somewhat fast-paced. Administrators can take full advantage of the MFP’s full-features that work together to produce true color, swiftly and efficiently. It is an established laser solution that enables businesses to copy, print, fax, and color scan with a moderate networking system. Small businesses can be assured that this printer will deliver professional image quality documents when needed with toner cartridge.

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