Afghan Woman’s Revolutionary Addiction Treatment Idea

by AdamS on October 13, 2012

It can be very difficult to get treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in some places, including Afghanistan.  Individuals in Afghanistan who suffer from drug addiction usually caused by opiate abuse, have difficulty finding quality treatment facilities.  One woman in Afghanistan has come up with a revolutionary idea to help people in her poverty and war stricken ravished nation to recover from their various addictions.  Laila Haidari has come up with the idea of opening a restaurant and employing recovering drug and alcohol addicts as a way to get them off the streets and keep their minds off of using drugs.  This type of drug and alcohol rehab is a very interesting take on the traditional recovery path.

Rehabs in Afghanistan

Afghanistan does not have very many shelters and facilities to take care of people recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs.  Most of the citizens suffering from addiction are essentially cast out of society instead of being helped.  This sort of treatment leads the addicts to continue to make poor choices with their life, instead of turning over a new leaf and getting their lives back together.  Haidari has started a very interesting new project in her hometown that could change all of that for many of the addicts in the area.  Her restaurant will not only give these individuals a shelter to stay in while they recover from their addictions, but will also provide them the ability to learn new skills and reshape their lives.

Laila Haidari’s Personal Sacrifice 

Radical ideas like the one Haidari has, are rarely given much support in her nation.  What’s worse is that as a woman, she is given even less opportunity to chase after her dreams of helping others.  Her friends loaned her $26,000 to start this restaurant, however her husband was against the idea from the very beginning. When she opened the restaurant a month ago, her husband filed for divorce.  She did not want to lose him but felt that she really needed to continue with this project.  Her passion to help drug addicts comes from the time she spent taking care of her brother who was an opium addict and seeing the struggles he went through and how he was never given many opportunities to recover.

Haidaris restaurant currently employs 17 former addicts and houses over forty additional recovering addicts in its shelter.  Her goal is to keep these addicts busy and happy and give them the opportunity to enjoy life without drugs.  As far as drug and alcohol rehabs go, this idea is very revolutionary in Afghanistan.  Haidari’s restaurant is offering people who are suffering from addiction stemming from opiate abuse a chance to make a difference in their lives.  Through all her personal sacrifice Haidari is now involved with a project she is truly passionate about and is making a big difference in the lives of several drug addicts and their families in the area.  Hopefully her idea will catch on and inspire more restaurants like this.

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