All About The Xerox DocuPrint 4517 Printer

by erin on March 3, 2010

The Xerox DocuPrint 4517 printer using Xerox DocuPrint 4517 toner has unfortunately been phased out and replaced with newer and more updated equipment. However, this machine will still available for purchase used. This may be an advantage because it is still a quality machine and will be available for a much lower cost. Your own personal office needs should be taken into account when making your selection.

One minor disadvantage to this machine is the fact that is monochrome, meaning it prints solely in black and white. This may not be a disadvantage to your office needs, however, if you are strictly printing professional documents. It is also a laser printer, which means it provides a higher level of quality when compared to the inkjet printers.

One way in which to prolong the lifetime of your toner is to limit your use of printing dense graphics. This type of printing uses a significant amount of ink and is actually unnecessary. This is because you are still printing the graphic just at a lower level of density and still a similar level of quality. In order to do this you can set the printer to a toner saving mode that will automatically change the density for you. Also, you should never print high quantities of dense graphics to begin with.

A significant feature of the Xerox DocuPrint 4517 printer that is unique to this model is that it provides a special tray for certain documents. This can be extremely beneficial when printing confidential documents. If your company prints high levels of important files such as these, this may be a feature you want to look more closely at.

While this machine is in fact no longer on the market, you can still purchase brand new accessories in stores and online. This is nice because while you can only purchase the machine itself used, you are still able to keep up with maintenance with new products. Also, you do not have to worry about being able to purchase toner and other consistent updates used.

Since these accessory items are still available for purchase new, this makes maintenance of your printer that much easier. Proper maintenance is extremely important to the performance and efficiency of your machine. If you do not properly maintain the machine you can not expect it to work the best that it can.

One way in which to properly maintain your machine is to keep it far away from various vents around the office. This can allow particles to enter inside the machine and cause minor malfunctions over time. Also, you want to be sure not to place it near any other machines that may stir up dust and allow it to enter the printer.

You also want to be certain your machine is powered off before you begin your regular cleaning ritual. After you are certain the printer is clearly off, you can wet a rag and run it over the exterior surface of the machine. You do not want to use powerful cleaning products or anything with a detergent as it is not necessary.

As noted, the supplies for this printer, including Xerox DocuPrint 4517 toner, can be easily obtained.  Search online for Xerox toner and you will find reputable sellers of all brands of toner.

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