American Passport Form – Never Put Off Right Until The Last Minute

by garrett on April 2, 2010

Acquiring a passport is not necessarily a tricky task, but there are some complexities to it, so a quick search online can help individuals figure out what exactly they need to do. When it comes to the passport form, there is one for first time applicants, as well as other kinds of individuals, and there is one for those who are mailing in their application form, which only certain circumstances allow. The forms are the Form DS-11 and Form DS-82.

Most passports that are issued have a blue cover because this is the color for all citizens, as well as non-citizen nationals. Once acquired, a passport issued to an individual over the age of sixteen will usually not expire for at least ten years. For those who are either 15 years old or younger, the passport will expire in about five years. Either way, the appropriate forms need to be filled out to attain a passport.

Generally, people applying for this documentation need to make an appearance at one of the designated government facilities where they will present their passport form. Such facilities would fall under the Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, Office of Passport Services and Customer Service. One such facility that falls under this department is the local post office.

Those individuals who need to make an appearance at such a government facility would be applying for their first passport and those under sixteen years old. Also, anyone who acquired a passport when they were fifteen or younger and are looking to renew must make an in-person appearance. These individuals have to follow some guidelines that deal with the type of documentation they need to bring to such a facility.

This is also the case for individuals who lost their passport or had it stolen or damaged, individuals who acquired a passport over fifteen years ago, and individuals who find that the information on their passport is incorrect. All of these condition will require an in-person appearance to fill out the Form DS-11. This form can be found online.

As well as Form DS-11, there are some other documents that an individual needs to have with them when they appear at a designated government facility. For example, an individual will need to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship. A document that would fulfill this need is a birth certificate. Individuals who need to attain a copy of their birth certificate should contact the Vital Statistics office where they were born.

Individuals that need to appear in person should gather all their documentation together and even designate a folder to put all the information in so that it will be organized and difficult to lose. Another piece of documentation that an individual needs is form of valid identification. This can be either an old passport, as long it is not damaged, or a valid driver’s license. There are other documents accepted too, for those who do not have either of these.

Acquiring a passport is something that everybody should do, whether an individual thinks he or she is going to travel abroad or not. One never knows what the future may hold. Regardless, a passport form can be found online and either filled out online or printed out to fill out with pen. Just make sure that nothing is signed until you are in front of an agent or you will have to do it all over again.

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