An Excellent Printer Is The Brother HL-3070CW Printer

by erin on June 23, 2011

Adding the Brother HL-3070CW printer to your home or office is a great decision. The many awesome features and its easy to use functions will impress you. The prints it creates are of the best quality around. It is small, saving you space and possible clutter. You will enjoy the clutter free environment you will have from this space saving design.


Set up and installation of this machine is super easy. There are a number of different ways to connect it. You can connect it to just your computer and use it as your own private machine. You are able to connect it to your network, allowing multiple users to be connected to it. This machine can also operate wireless. Setting it up for wireless usage is as easy as clicking a few buttons and linking it up to your router.

Print Quality

The documents and pictures it prints out are of the utmost quality. The LED technology that it possesses makes everything clear, bold, and vibrant. The light emitting diodes paint the picture on the paper while other units still use lasers. It is able to produce much more detail because of this technology.

Small Design

It has a nice small design that saves space. Put it just about anywhere you want. Enjoy the extra room you will have because of it efficient size.

Toner Saver

The amount of toner it uses is the same as other machines and it prints much better. The toner cartridges are equal to the prices of other printers. The toner cartridges are readily available just about everywhere computer products are sold. For those times you need to replace them, the toner cartridges are extremely easy to find and replace.

Liquid Crystal

Its liquid crystal display is used to operate the many functions of this machine. The interface of the display is super user friendly and anyone can easily navigate their way through it. It also allows the use of a universal serial bus drive through its universal serial bus port. Print items directly from your drive with the greatest ease. A free download is present for special application that allows you to download and print items directly from a mobile device. Printing pictures directly from your camera is also possible.

Paper Tray

A paper tray holds two hundred and fifty pages and there is a slot where you can manually feed envelopes and labels as well. No more handwritten, sloppy envelopes and labels. Everything will look very professional. The printed text on your envelopes and labels will be clear, detailed, bold, and vibrant and they will be that way every time.

Technology Improvement

You cannot go wrong by getting the Brother HL-3070CW printer with toner cartridges. It will improve your home and office. Everything you produce with it will be professional looking and perfect. Its ease of use and special features will never get tiring to operate. You will be so pleased with it, you will recommend it to everyone you know.

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