An Expedited U S Passport Takes Less Time But Costs More Money

by adam on February 25, 2010

Sometimes life has a way of throwing some interesting curve balls our way. We think everything is going great and then all of a sudden something happens and we have to jump on a plane to Europe on short notice. If you don’t have a passport or it is expired, expedited pass port services can make this problem go away in a snap.

First it is helpful to realize that the Department of State processes this paperwork each and every day and it is necessary to take one’s place in line so to speak. In the fiscal year 2009, nearly 13.5 million passports were completed. What is considered fast in government documentation is not necessarily the same as the overnight delivery options that are available when it comes to online shopping. Currently a rush document from the Department of State takes two to three weeks to receive.

This ‘rush service’ that the government offers is the time it takes for the application to be accepted until the passport arrives in the applicants mailbox. This can be expedited even further by going to a private agency, but they are going to charge extra fees over and above what the State Department charges. When quicker service is needed, a passport can be had in as little as 24 hours.

As one might imagine, there is an additional cost for quicker processing. The typical application fees are $95 for an adult passport book and card and $25 for execution, a total of $120. For the book alone, the cost is $75 with the same administrative fee. For minors the same costs are $70 and $60 respectively and of course the same $25 fee applies to all processes except for the renewal of a valid passport.

Because these documents are mailed out, it is generally recommended that overnight mail be used. This is suggested because of the guaranteed delivery date and ability to track the package. This is piece of mind for a very small investment.

The overnight delivery will cost about $15 in addition to all of the other fees that are being charged. While some people may be rolling their eyes at this point as the costs continue to add up, this is a fee that is money well spent. The documents will be secure and able to be tracked this way and considering how important they are, $15 is nothing compared to the aggravation that would ensue if they were lost.

If expedited service is requested, the form that has to be filled out is the DS-82. This is in addition to the regular forms and does not replace the standard application. When mailing in the forms and documents, be sure to write ‘expedite’ very large and clear on the outside of the envelope. The agents are trained to look for this and will make sure that the envelope is rushed through processing.

Instead of waiting for god only knows how long, the passport should be in hand in just a few weeks. The U.S. passport can actually be had in as little as 24 hours, but it will cost a pretty penny in order to make that happen. When you just can’t wait or are in an emergency situation, these services are in place to get the passport in hand in no time at all.

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