An Overview Of The Dell 3115c Printer

by erin on June 22, 2011

The Dell 3115c printer is a fully functional MFP that delivers exceptionally colored prints, workgroup facilities, and network-ability. It was created as a multifaceted device that can scan, print, fax, and copy. The MFP has combined multiple power points like a printer, copier, scanner, and a fax machine. The device stands 28.7-inches tall, 28.7-inches deep, and 18-inches wide. It will be tough to tote this printer around because it weights approximately 79.2 pounds. The dimensions bestowed upon this device make it a component that will easily fit on top of any desktop or credenza.

Duty Cycle

With a maximum duty cycle, of sixty-thousand pages per month and a recommended duty cycle of one-thousand to seven-thousand pages per month, this device is a corporate cog. It prints thirty pages of mono-based documents per minute and seventeen color-based documents per minute. Essentially, it takes roughly two seconds per mono-based document and roughly three and a half seconds per color-based document. It is a swift, all-in-one, economical solution for fast-paced small businesses when it utilizes high-capacity toner. Unfortunately, the duplex feature is not standard but fortunately, it is an option.

Media Variety

The device can use a wide variety of media like coated paper, transparencies, envelopes, recycled paper, cardstock, and other paper types. It utilizes an accessible LCD panel that incorporates Toner Management System. It utilizes a 20-character backlit, 4-line LCD panel on the front. The surrounding buttons of the LCD are a 5-way cursor keypad and 4-buttons with 13 numeric keys. The MFP has a network interface that is comprised of a parallel port, Ethernet port, and 2.0 USB port. The internal components run on a 400 MHz processor and utilize 256 MB of RAM. The standard is split two ways between the print component and the fax/copy/scan components. Upgrading is possible and can be expanded to a grand total of 1,152 Mega Bytes for complex operations.


In accord with the software and printer, the building blocks of productivity include toner level reporting, auto-generated e-mail alerts, Dell Consumables Management System, toner conservation and low-toner alerts. Administrators can configure user access rights and quotas for mono and color prints with the ColourTrac software. You can buy standard or high-capacity toners. Prints are at a resolution of 600 x 600 dots per inch.

Paper Management

The MFP sports a flexible paper management with features like a standard one-hundred and fifty sheet multipurpose tray and a two-hundred and fifty sheet drawer. The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) stores up to fifty sheets. If an organization requires more paper-capacity than the standard, it can upgrade with the optional four-hundred and fifty tray. The maximum total paper capacity is nine-hundred and fifty sheets. Copied or printed documents land in the two-hundred and fifty sheet bin.

Storage Locations

Organizations can store up to two-hundred locations in the fax speed dial. The fax memory is a charitable four Mega Bytes and the fax machine operates at 33.5 Kbps. Organizations can scan documents with either the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) or the flatbed. The scanner’s optical resolution rests at 600 x 600 dots per inch. It facilitates scan features like client, server, and e-mail. The standard format for conversion of a scan is JPEG, PDF, and TIFF.

Starter Toner

Organizations who purchase the MFP will be provided with the standard starter toner. Standard toner units can generate up to five-thousand pages per black cartridge and four-thousand pages per magenta, cyan, and yellow cartridge. The high-capacity toners are economical and are estimated to generate up to eight-thousand pages per cartridge which include magenta, cyan, black, yellow.

Economical Solution

The Dell 3115c printer is an economical solution for organizations that are small or medium-sized. Administrators can configure, setup, and utilize the functions in a short amount of time. Its paper management is feasible and flexible, yet it is a robust choice for any work environment with toner cartridge.

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