An Overview Of The Lexmark X560dn Printer

by erin on June 14, 2011

The Lexmark X560dn printer is modeled for primarily medium-sized business but is a sufficient companion for any workspace. This is one of the most straightforward MFPs on the market to use. It has a front-loading toner panel that takes paltry seconds to replace. This device stands 28.7-inches tall, 18.1-inches wide, 20.6-inches deep. It weighs roughly 88 pounds. It should fit nicely on a strong credenza.

Printer Features

The scan, copy, fax, and print features are intertwined into a single device. Thus, it is cost-efficient. It can protect business’s bottom-line when it comes to consumables, contracts, hardware, and space. Further illustrating the device’s cost-saving features is its high-yield toners.

Marketing Collateral

With the devices exceptional marketing collateral, corporations can effective brand and retain readership. In most cases, a device’s capability to print true color is what influences a buyer’s decision process. With this device, corporations can send out eye-catching, true documents with minimal spend-down.

Network Configurations

The device facilitates top-of-the-line network configurations for modern corporations. The standard languages are PCL6 and PostScript 3. The device has the extraordinary ability to assimilate in practically any IT atmosphere. Features like the intuitive software that streamlines work, fax speed dials, and the multipurpose tray will boost productivity. Administrators can search, edit documents and convert them digitally.

Workflow Progression

Its control panel is innate and simplifies workflow progression. It utilizes a 4-line graphical display that guides users through maintenance and print tasks. This is one of the most useful features of this device.

Monochrome Documents

Businesses can jump start their day with the first print taking only ten seconds. After it warms-ups, the printer dishes out thirty monochrome documents per minute and twenty color documents per minute for A4 documents. Monochrome letter-sized documents are printed at a rate of thirty-one pages per sixty-seconds and twenty color documents per sixty-seconds.

Print Speed

The first copy of the day should take no longer than eleven seconds. After that, copies are generated at a rate of thirty monochrome copies per minute for A4, and thirty-one copies per minute for letter. The device has amazing adaptability for complex jobs with its standard memory of 384 Mega Bytes and it is expandable to a total 1408 Mega Bytes. It runs on a very capable 400 Mega Hertz processor.

Designed Toner

The toner is newly designed with Pantone calibration and generates documents at a resolution of 2400 x 600 dots per inch. Starter cartridges are shipped with the purchase of the device. Standard toner cartridges produce up to four thousand pages per unit with Magenta, Cyan and Yellow. The standard black toner cartridges produce up to five-thousand pages per unit. The high-yield cartridges produce up to ten-thousand pages per unit and are much cheaper than the standard.

Input Capacity

The standard input capacity is four-hundred sheets and its maximum is nine-hundred and fifty sheets. The output capacity rests at three-hundred and fifty sheets. The (ADF) Automatic Document Feeder holds up to fifty sheets. This model comes equipped with a duplex unit that can print double-sided documents and it saves expenditure on paper and reduces paper waste. If needed, this device can print as much as sixty-thousand pages per month, but it is recommended to keep the duty cycle around one-thousand to five-hundred and fifty-thousand prints.

Enterprise Features

The Lexmark X560dn printer is slam-packed with enterprise features. It is a solid choice as a workplace companion. A standard one-year warranty covers repairs and replacements to items such as toner cartridges.

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