Barcelona – The City Of Marvels

by erin on December 30, 2010

Barcelona is special because it takes two qualities of fun vacations – stunning beaches and that unique European city vibe – and presents them in a tidy package. Located right on the coast of the glittering Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is the second largest city in all of Spain. It has a very colorful 2,000-year-long history, yet it is heavily influenced by modernity. While Barcelona definitely feels like a very modern city, it is still possible to catch glimpses of its past. In order to go to Barcelona, you will need a passport.

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Barcelona is a city made up of many different districts, and each has its own very distinct feel. For example, Ciutat Vella is the “old town” district of Barcelona, where you can find Barri Gotic, or the Gothic Quarter, which features many Medieval buildings. Some of the buildings there even date back to Roman times. As a beautiful place simply to walk, it definitely grants a good feel of the Barcelona atmosphere. Las Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona, is also in Ciutat Vella. The atmosphere is colorful, with street performers and plenty of shopping. Eixample is another district, one that is famous for its art nouveau buildings. Gracia is a very diverse district, and Barceloneta is where you want to go for the beaches and seaside restaurants.

To the north of Barcelona is Tibidabo, a very tall mountain. This mountain offers the best view of Barcelona. On the mountaintop, there is an old church that is fun to explore. There is a legend that says Satan tried to tempt Jesus with the whole world. The mountain is accessible by either tram or on foot. Both methods give you a great view of the mountain. Montjuic is another mountain from which to view the city. You can take a cable car ride to the top of Montjuic, which is fun in itself. Montserrat is yet another mountain that features more history. On Montserrat is an ancient monastery. There are also a variety of hiking trails if you feel like exploring even more.

Some attractions in Barcelona are within a short distance of each other. La Sagrada and Hospital de Sant Pau are some landmarks you definitely do not want to miss, and they are within a few minutes’ walk of each other. La Sagrada is easily the top attraction in the city. This Roman Catholic Basilica has yet to be finished. The architect commissioned to build the church died before it could be completed, and on the hundred year anniversary of his death, the construction will finally be finished. Hospital de Sant Pau is a hospital that still is in operation. It is a great example of the modernist movement in Barcelona.

Depending on what sorts of things you like to do, there is plenty to grab your interest in Barcelona. Be sure to visit some of the famous art museums, including the Dali museum, and eat some famous Spanish food as well. The nightlife has a reputation for being excellent, and the beaches are a great place to soak up the sun. Just don’t forget your passport. Go online to get yours, where they can help you get new travel documents or even renew a damaged passport.

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