Beirut, A Travel Guide

by erin on January 3, 2011

Located in the Middle East, Lebanon is a tiny country that sits on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Beirut is its bustling capital city, found on the edge of small peninsula about halfway down the coast. People have been traveling to this country for years because of its vibrant atmosphere. Beirut is different from other capital cities around the world because it is smaller than the average capital. This feature makes all the interesting landmarks in Beirut within walking distance of each other. Another unique quality of Beirut is the visible mixture of people, cultures, and religions that dominate the city.

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Beirut is a city backed by a history that is long and colorful. There is even evidence of people living in the Beirut area that goes back to the 14th century BC. Beirut has seen the occupation of all sorts of empires, from the Ottomans to the Romans, to the Arabs, and to the Phoenicians. A great place to experience his cultural mixture is Mosque al-Omari, where you can see it in the architecture and in decorations on the inside.

While many of the attractions in and around Beirut are historical and cultural in nature, there are plenty of other types of things to do and see. One of the most recommended places to go is Pigeon Rocks, an arch formed naturally that rises out of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the best place around to watch a sunset, and the cafes nearby are a great stop for lunch.

Place de l’Etoile is the Downtown District, and it displays a very French sort of look with cobblestone streets and beautiful lights that illuminate buildings at night. Martyr’s Statue in Martyr’s Square commemorates the Lebanese people who died during an uprising against the Turks in World War I.

Jeita Grotto is a very unique sort of landmark to visit while in Beirut. The Grotto is comprised of a series of glittering limestone caves, separated into an upper portion and a lower portion. The caves stretch for nearly 6 miles, and they are a great place in which to escape the summer heat. There are a great many chambers in the cave, with one in the upper chambers reaching as high as 390 feet tall. In the upper portion of the cave, you can see the world’s largest stalactite, which is 27 feet long. In the lower chambers, to which you actually have to take an electric boat to, you can see the underground river and Dark Lake.

You will discover that during your trip to Beirut, you will never encounter a lack of things to do. Despite what your primary interest may be – historical things, cultural things, or natural things – you will always have something more to explore. Start your adventure by getting your passport online. Don’t forget about all the other services you can get on these sites as well, such as rush passport shipping.

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