Benefits Of The Dell 1230 Printer

by erin on June 22, 2011

Some kinds of office equipment are used more than others and a printing machine is one of them. A printer that is slow, broken down or that is not producing high quality products can impede office operations. A printer that is fast, easy to use and that produces high quality documents is a must and this is just what the new Dell 1230 printer promises and other benefits as well.

Standard Documents

It prints standard documents at the speed of 17 a minute and graphics at the speed of 2.4 pages per minute. Words come out sharp and clear and images, be they photographs, diagrams, charts or graphs, also come out clear. A resolution of 2400 by 600 dpi makes sure of this. In the span of a month, this printing machine can output 20,000 pages. It also has a 375 MHz processor and a 32MB RAM.

Impressive Features

The other impressive feature this machine has is its compact 15.3 by 12.3 inches size. Its control panel is also fast and easy to access and use. The panel has LED icons that are well marked and that flash to indicate the printing status of documents. Documentation is available to discern what the different LEDs mean but with time, it becomes easy to tell what a blinking and colored icon indicates.

Media Types

For example, you can tell whether the machine is on or off. You can also tell whether a printing job is ongoing, has been complete or has been cancelled. This is discernable by the speed with which the LED icons are flashing. Apart from standard plain white office paper, this machine takes other media as well.

Paper Variety

Printing can be done on photographic paper as well as textured and card paper such as the kind used to print business cards. The papers are taken in without a problem from the input tray, which can take as many as 150 sheets of plain white paper and bigger paper such as legal size.

Handy Features

Paper jams will be a thing of the past with the Dell 1230. The panel on top of the output tray can take at least 100 sheets and is another handy feature. This panel will clear up the paper path in case there is a paper jam. The panel was placed at the top and not within the printer’s shell to maintain the computer’s compact size. The panel looks like a shelf and it is made with texture on its surface to ensure it gets no scratches from items placed on it.

Toner Management

The Dell Toner Management System is another helpful feature on this printer. This is software that checks the toner level in the printer and gives a warning when the levels are low so you never fail to print because the device is suddenly out of ink. It also assists in making setup and installation fast and easy via the USB port. Additionally, the printer can be enhanced to accommodate increased printing needs so there is no need to purchase another printer in future.

Reasonable Price

Lastly, this product is reasonably priced. It makes a color laser printing device available, even for those on a low budget with toner cartridges. The Dell 1230 printer puts speed, quality and efficiency in one efficient and user-friendly unit. Getting word out as well as photos and other images is done fast and easy with this printing machine.

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