Bicycle-Friendly Towns – The Best Destinations For Your Next Vacation

by erin on July 13, 2010

Biking is a fun way to explore a city. It allows you to gain a much more intimate look at what makes the city tick, and it’s great exercise. By taking a ride off the traditional beaten tourist path, you are able to see what a city is really about. The following places all require a passport, but online service makes getting them easy. Everything from renewing passports to getting more pasport pages requires only a few clicks.

Barcelona, Spain is known for so many aspects of a wonderful vacation. Good food, wine, scenery and beauty are everywhere but it is also a very bike-friendly city. Biking is actually a form of public transportation. That’s right; you purchase a special card which allows you to go to any of over 100 bike stations around the cit of Barcelona and check out a bike. You don’t have to drop it off at the original station. Where ever you are going, just leave the bike at the nearest bike station. To encourage this form of green transportation, over 3,250 bike parking spaces are made available by the municipal government. Barcelona host ‘Bike Week’ which is dedicated to bicycles and maps indicating popular biking routes are distributed. This is really an easy city to see from the seat of a bike but you will need to get your passports online before you can travel to Spain.

Sandnes and Trondheinm, two cities located in Norway, are extremely biker friendly. Norway is responsible for one of the most revolutionary bike-friendly inventions. They created a bike-lift, something that functions like a ski lift for skiers. Instead of having to pedal uphill in your business attire and risk getting sweaty and overheated, this lift pushes you uphill. Both cities are focusing on increasing bike traffic by means of increasing the safety, accessibility, and ease of use of bike lines. Both cities have a system where you can rent bikes, making traveling around the cities much easier.

Copenhagen in Denmark is one of the top cycling cities in the world. Nearly a third of all its residents bike to get places, as the biking system and its amenities are so convenient. In fact, in Copenhagen, you can rent a bike for free. Upon renting a bike, you pay a deposit, but this deposit is returned to you as soon as the bike is returned. In this sense, traveling around Copenhagen is completely free. The paths are plenty and extensive.

Amsterdam in the Netherlands is the hands-down best place to explore by bicycle. Almost 40% of all commutes are done by bicycle, and increased conveniences for cyclists are always being made. As the bike capital of the world, Amsterdam has a huge network of bike paths, all of which are very safe and quick. A huge, 10,000-spot bike garage is being built at the main Amsterdam train station, and with this improvement, more people than ever will be biking.

Seeing a foreign city by using a bicycle for transportation gives you and your family to experience areas that would not be accessible if you were in a car and will bring you much closer to the people of that particular country. Travel to a foreign country requires a passport and remember that you can get American passports online quickly and easily by contacting an online agency like You can also easily renew an older passport of get United States passport pages for your current one. Get your passport and begin the experience of seeing a foreign land and meeting foreign people up close and personal from the seat of a bicycle.

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